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Big decorating ideas but limited on space? We partnered with Lynne Knowlton to bring you 10 cozy holiday decorating ideas for small spaces.


Are you ready for the holidays? We are!!! We decorated our Treehouse + Cabin Retreat for the holiday season with Crate and Barrel. Insert a happy dance, copious quantities of coffee and all the holiday emojis here. I’m officially excited.

Small spaces, cozy greens, wrap around blankets, twinkle lights, fire burning, comfy sofa-ness. My holiday life is complete. Also, how much holiday is “too much holiday?” Asking for a friend. Ditto on the cookie eating.

Let me show you how to decorate your small spaces for the holidays! Together, we got this!

10 Best Cozy Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Keep it small and simple with an evergreen tree or flock tree. Small trees are ideal for rooms lacking in square footage. Show the base of your tree some love by adding wintry accessories like a chunky throw tree skirt. It’s super pretty, weighty and feels gahhhreat in real life! Keep the surrounding decor simple with neutral colours (yes, especially white!) As a designer, I love white and the staggering simplicity it brings to a space. It’s a year-round delight. Add a few cozy blankets, and the daintiest of fairy lights. You’ll be all set!

2. Candles around your home are a positive way to create ambiance and make any room feel cozier. Bring in gold accents with Winter White candles (the scent is divine!) The gold brings a festive touch and the candles will light up your life. See what I did there? *wink*

3. Replace your lightweight linens with cozy, chunky textures, like knits, soft chunky throws and the prettiest of throw pillows. From soft pillows to knit garlands and fluffy sheepskin rugs…together, they create that perfectly cozy vibe. Start with the softest blanket you’ll EVER feel in your life and layer it up. Change what you already have by laying in more. Layer a throw on the end of your bed… one that you can grab on a chilly evening. You’ll be thinking… “This thing is amazing. See you never.”

4. Make it artsy: Switch out your framed art for the season. We added in fun holiday quotes that we printed on our home printer. Decorate an everyday stool with Christmas decor a simple, inspired holiday look that makes use of what you already have! I’m smitten with these linen covered stools. Because hello. Linen. LOVE.

5. Get your ornament glitter on. Have you seen these tree stars? And these sparkly snowflake ornaments (holy cow, cute) and these coral clusters. I kid you not. Best things ever.

6. Bring the outdoors in: Head outdoors to collect the elements. Evergreen clippings, berries, greenery, and birch fire logs. I used the Emlyn basket for storing firewood and Adra vase for paper twigs and mixes of natural greenery. Great for the holidays and year round pretty too! If your space is small, no worries- one branch is plenty, placed in a vase and layered with ornaments for an ever-charming “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree aesthetic.

7. Keep it casual but with flair: Pop in garland and a wreath for an extra holiday flair. Note to self: use command hooks to hang holiday wreaths and garlands, as they protect the surface and don’t remove paint. These olive branch garlands and fairy lights look gorgeous together. There’s nothing cozier than the glow of twinkle lights. They’re the perfect way to add a festive touch to your home, no matter your interior style. We also paired casual napkins and snowflake napkin rings with artisan pottery and stacks of gingerbread cookies.

8. Tired of the go-to red and green hues? Opt for the coziness of a white Christmas, mixed with matte black, soft golds, and shimmery metallics. Monochromatic layers of white and creams may not be a typical holiday colour scheme, but they sure look gorgeous with twinkling lights, matte black accent tables and neutral furniture. If you gravitate toward monochromatic design, it only takes adding just a few extra elements to transform your home decor from “everyday” to seasonally magical.

9. A comfy sofa is essential! You really can’t beat a fab sofa. They support you, they comfort you, they give you a place to wallow while you contemplate how many things to check off your holiday to-do list. This Willow Modern Sleeper Sofa is my all time fave for extra guests and next level coziness. It’s so wonderful and perfect and I can’t talk about it a second longer or else I’ll bawl (and I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to cry and eat holiday cookies all at once).

10. Want jaw dropping pretty in a small space? Add in small statement pieces like these slice tables. They are so strong and sturdy.

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Love the photos? All photography by Lauren Miller. You’ll love Lauren Miller, more than potato chips (and yes, that says a lot). Lauren is a Toronto lifestyle photographer superstar.

And the styling? Super talent styling by Tristan Knowlton. Toronto Prop Stylist extraordinaire. Tristan’s styling is so slam dunk gorgeous.

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