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It’s the first day of December, so I reckon it’s Officially OK to start putting up the Christmas decorations. As you’ll probably know from previous posts, I like to keep things minimalist but festive, and wreaths are some of my favourite things to create. I normally have a large one on the front door that’s bursting with wild-looking foliage, plus a few simpler ones dangling from windows, doorways and walls inside.

There’s a vast array of minimalist metal wreaths on the market at the moment – some round, others shaped like stars, and some which incorporate candle or tealight holders. They’re incredibly easy to decorate with sprigs of festive foliage, berries and more, and they provide endless opportunities for getting creative. What’s more, they can be reused again and again, and even adorned with seasonal flowers and leaves at other times of the year (wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, you know!). Here are 12 of my favourites…

12 of the best minimalist metal wreaths | These Four Walls blog

  1. Stainless-steel wreath, 795 SEK (around £68) for 40cm or 445 SEK (around £38) for 20cm, Cooee Design. Also available in brass
  2. Hanging metal star, £16.75 for a set of three, Mon Pote
  3. ‘Benni’ wreath, £26 for one large raw-iron or blackened one (58cm) or a set of two smaller brass ones (37cm), Rowen & Wren
  4. Hanging wire ring, £10.50 for 40cm, £7.50 for 30cm or £5.50 for 20cm, Rose & Grey
  5. Black ring with leather strap, 199 DKK (around £24) for 33cm or 149 DKK (around £18) for 16cm, Strups. Also available in brass, white and silver
  6. Brass and steel advent wreath (43cm), €221, Kristina Dam
  7. Star-shaped hanging brass candle holder (40cm), £8.50, Rose & Grey
  8. ‘Talini’ geometric brass wreath, £49.95 for 70cm or £29.95 for 41cm, Nkuku
  9. Hanging brass candle holder, £10.50 for 40cm or £8.50 for 30cm, Rose & Grey
  10. Menu ‘POV’ tealight and candle holders, available in various shapes, colours and sizes, £34.95-89.95, Connox
  11. Hanging ‘Deco’ frames, €45 for a set of three, Ferm Living; matching circular and oval hanging tealight holders also available in brass and black
  12. Brass and steel decoration circle (25cm), €120, Kristina Dam

12 of the best minimalist wreaths | These Four Walls blog

If you want a bit of guidance on how to decorate your chosen wreath, take a look at this tutorial which I put together last year. And if you’re using one with a candle, please make sure you don’t hang it too close to anything flammable or leave it unattended when lit!

Most photography via the respective brands named above; final image by Abi Dare

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