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Uses for Wax Paper

Wax paper has always been a staple in my kitchen, even though I typically haven’t used it very often. It’s useful in certain situations for keeping food from sticking, and every so often I’ll use it as a medium to preserve flowers and leaves.

But most of the time, my roll of wax paper simply sits in a drawer. At least, until now! Because today I’ll be sharing 13 brilliantly practical uses for wax paper that I hadn’t considered before!

From making cleaning tasks easier to rescuing a favorite photograph, it turns out that wax paper is much more useful than you might think! Here are 13 new and inventive ways that you can put wax paper to work around your house.

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13 Brilliant Uses For Wax Paper

Uses for Wax Paper

1. Ice-Free Ice Cream

No one wants to eat icy, frozen-solid ice cream. Luckily, a little wax paper can help keep your ice cream ice-free!

Just press a piece of wax paper onto the surface of the ice cream before replacing the lid and putting it back in the freezer.

Uses for Wax Paper

2. Easy Fridge Cleanup

Line the drawers in your fridge with pieces of wax paper for easy cleanup. In the event of a spill, splatter, or general messiness, you can just toss the wax paper out and replace it with a fresh piece!

Uses for Wax Paper

3. Keep Cheese Fresh

After cutting into a block of cheese, wrap the remaining cheese in a piece of wax paper before putting it back in your fridge. The wax paper will allow the cheese to “breathe” without drying out.

Uses for Wax Paper

4. Baking Helper

Wax paper can be a huge help when you need to roll out dough for a baking project! Place a piece of wax paper between the dough and the rolling pin, which will eliminate sticking without the need for extra flour.

Uses for wax paper

5. Fast Funnel

Need a funnel but don’t have one on hand? Just roll a piece of wax paper into a cone shape! This is especially helpful when dealing with liquids, because the liquid won’t soak through the paper.

Uses for Wax Paper

6. Cut Down On Dusting

Dusting hard-to-reach spaces like the tops of your cupboards and fridge can be time-consuming! Save yourself time and effort by covering those surfaces with wax paper instead.

When dust accumulates on the paper, you can just toss it out and replace it with a fresh piece of wax paper!

Uses for Wax Paper

7. Unstick A Zipper

Stuck zippers used to be a huge pet peeve of mine, until I learned that wax paper can help both solve and prevent stuck zippers!

Just rub a piece of wax paper over the zipper’s teeth to help the zipper glide more easily. This should be enough to unstick a stuck zipper, or you can do it to prevent the zipper from sticking in the first place!

Uses for Wax Paper

8. Photo Rescue

Spilled water on a special photo? Lay it out to dry on a piece of wax paper. The wax paper will help the photo dry out without sticking to it.

Uses for Wax Paper

9. Cork Helper

If you’re struggling to get a cork back into a bottle, wrap the cork in wax paper! The waxy coating will help the cork slide back in without compromising the airtight seal.

Uses for Wax Paper

10. Clean Can Opener

Wax paper can help you keep your can opener in tip-top shape! Just fold a piece of wax paper a few times, then run it through your can opener.

The wax paper dislodge any stuck-on bits of food. Plus, the waxy coating from the paper will help your can opener glide more smoothly in the future!

Uses for Wax Paper

11. No-Stick Snow Shovel

Shoveling snow is already tiring enough without adding a stubborn shovel to the equation! Use wax paper to prep your shovel so that snow will slide right off of it.

To do it, just rub wax paper over the surface of your snow shovel! This one extra step is sure to make your next shoveling session quicker and easier than ever.

Uses for Wax Paper

12. Microwave Protector

The next time you heat up food in the microwave, put a piece of wax paper over it first. The wax paper will help prevent splatters and keep your microwave much cleaner!

Uses for Wax Paper

13. Shine Your Faucet

Wax paper can keep your faucet shiny and free of water spots. The next time you clean your faucet, finish by rubbing it down with wax paper.

The paper will leave behind a thin layer of wax that will add shine to your faucet and help keep it clean!

Do you know of any other brilliant uses for wax paper?

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