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Does anyone out there have any energy left after Christmas has come and gone? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m usually all partied out by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around. So for me, the best way to ring in the new year is from the comfort of my own home! (While wearing my pajama pants, preferably.)

If you’re also looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve at home, then you’ve come to right place! Because today I’ll be sharing 17 simple and festive ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve from home. From decor to snacks to party games, these ideas are sure to turn your “quiet night in” into a New Year’s Eve to remember!


17 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

1. Countdown Bags

Ringing in the New Year with your family? Make some quick and easy “countdown bags” to keep everyone busy! Just fill a few bags with fun activities or toys, and open one every hour leading up to midnight. You could fill your bags with treats, disposable cameras, a new DVD, supplies for a small craft, noisemakers and confetti, etc.

2. New Year’s Resolution Cups

Whether you’re hosting an adults-only party or staying up with the kids, make your drinks extra festive by adorning them with your resolutions for 2019! Just jot down your resolution on an adhesive label and stick it to your drink cup.

3. Good Luck Grapes

Many Spaniards usher in the new year by eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight on December 31st. The tradition promises prosperity and good luck throughout the coming year, and who couldn’t use a bit of good luck?

The challenge is that you must eat all 12 grapes before the clock stops chiming at midnight. If you don’t have a clock that chimes out the hour, there are smartphone apps you can download to supply the chimes. Make sure to get your grapes down in time—you don’t want to risk an unlucky year!

4. Bubble Wrap Stomp

Ring in the new year with a fun and festive bubble wrap stomp! Just lay out a big sheet of bubble wrap (the bigger bubbles work best), and stomp away when the clock strikes midnight. It sounds like firecrackers, and it’s a fun way to start the year off!

5. Wishing Wall

Every year, visitors from around the world write a wish for the new year on a piece of paper and stick it to the Wishing Wall in Times Square. Their wishes are then added to the confetti that rains down on the crowd in Times Square at midnight on New Year’s Eve!

You can add a Wishing Wall to your own New Year’s Eve festivities! Provide a few pads of sticky notes and some pens, and watch as the wall fills with hopes for the new year. (You could even shred them into confetti if you wanted to go all out!) 🙂

6. Confetti Bar

Inspiration from Kojo Designs

You can make your own confetti shooters, or just take the easy route and set out a big bowl of confetti. Either way, making confetti available to everyone at midnight is sure to make your celebration special!

7. Printable New Year’s Resolution Cards

Inspiration from Lia Griffith

Setting goals and intentions for the year to come is a great way to celebrate! Set out some of these printable resolution cards, and invite everyone to take a moment to set a goal for the coming year.

8. Resolution Party Hats

Inspiration from Walk in Love

Take your resolutions to the next level by turning them into party hats! Your guests will have a blast checking out each other’s goals for the new year. You can get the printable party hat template by clicking the link above!

9. “Minute To Win It” Games

Plan a few easy party games to help pass the time until midnight! These fast and furious games don’t take much by way of set up or supplies, but they are sure to yield plenty of hilarious memories! Check out 6 different “Minute To Win It” games at the link below.

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10. Confetti Throwers

Inspiration from Oh Happy Day

Confetti-filled party poppers can be fun, but anything that explodes is always a bit risky! If you’re looking for a safer alternative, check out these homemade confetti throwers. Filled with tissue paper confetti, these tubes make it easy to fill the air with confetti (without the risk of injury!)

11. DIY Balloon Drop

You can have your very own midnight balloon drop in the comfort of your own home! It’s quick and easy to put together, and the kids are sure to love it! Check out how to assemble your own balloon drop at the link below.

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12. New Year’s Eve Bingo

Inspiration from Thirty Handmade Days

For a fun activity, print out a few of these cute New Year’s Eve bingo cards! The spaces are full of festive items like confetti, noisemakers, party hats, and more. You can either watch NYE coverage on TV to mark off your spaces, or throw your own party at home! (Click the link above to download and print the cards.)

13. New Year’s Eve Donuts

Inspiration from The 36th Avenue

These sparkly donuts would make a perfect New Year’s Eve treat, or a great breakfast for New Year’s Day! Serve with plenty of edible glitter and a big glass of milk to wash them down.

14. Printable Party Bottle Labels

Inspiration from Bespoke Bride

These printable party labels for mini bottles are an easy way to make your drinks more celebratory! They would also make a great addition to just about any party or celebration all year long.

15. New Year’s Conversation Starter Game

Inspiration from Alice and Lois

While New Year’s Eve is a great time to look forward to the coming year, it’s also a good time to reflect on the previous year too. This printable conversation starter game is all about reminiscing about the last twelve months! Everyone is sure to have a blast discussing all the highlights from 2018.

16. New Year’s Bell Noisemaker

Inspiration from Paging Supermom

It just wouldn’t be a New Year’s celebration without making more noise than necessary. And these DIY bell noisemakers are an easy way to do just that! Scroll to the bottom of the linked post to find the instructions for making your own bell noisemakers.

17. Photo Booth

Inspiration from Etsy shop Pomtree

A photo booth makes a great addition to just about any party! All you need is some sort of backdrop (whether it’s a sheet, some paper, or even a blank stretch of wall), some props, and a camera. You can find special New Year’s Eve props like this inflatable champagne bottle on Etsy!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home?

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