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Hello! Each Wednesday I share some of the photos that stopped me in my scroll while I was perusing Instagram the previous week. Here are this week’s picks!

1. @JPHorton:

That one stopped me in my scroll because it’s the first time I had seen a photo pop up of a room that featured one of the rugs I designed for Annie Selke! 😀 What a trip! You can find it online here: DashAndAlbert.com

2. @KindredVintage

Susan always knocks her room redos out of the park but this one in particular really caught my eye. What a cozy space for her cute kids! You can find her blog post about it here: Our Daughters’ Bedroom

3. @ChrisLovesJulia:

Did you follow along with Chris and Julia’s kitchen makeover at the Fullmers house? What a stunning transformation! Here’s a link to their blog post all about it: ChrisLovesJulia.com

4. @Uncommon.Farmhouse:

What a classic and timeless country-style design in Jess’ kitchen, don’t you think? #dreamy 🙂

5. @HalfwayToHeavenHomestead:

Hands down my favorite feel-good pic of the week! And you *have* to read her caption:

We’ve been working on a little something around here that has involved needing some family photos! I handed them in and was told, ‘There aren’t nearly enough photos of you! I need you to stop being behind the camera and get IN some!’ Well, wow! It sunk in that if I’m never in front of the camera, my children won’t have photos to match the memories I’m making with them. If I could have a professional photographer take one photo of me…ever….just one…to give to my children, it would be this one! I don’t have a professional photographer though. I just have my hubby! That man, without so much as a single huff or puff, stood on this old tin roof to take the screen out, cleaned this window, and then stood on a ladder to get this photograph for me. Does he know about angles and lighting and cropping? No! (y’all, the reflection of his belly button had to be cropped out of this photo) 😂 Bless it! BUT, he jumped to the task at hand and helped me get a photo that I’ve always wanted! It’s him that makes this photo perfect to me! I wanted this photo because when my children are grown and gone, this is how I believe they’ll remember me. They won’t remember the clean laundry or clean floors. The made beds and dusted furniture won’t ring any bells. This though…this is what they’ll remember! They’ll remember us making messes in the kitchen together. They’ll remember me (almost) never saying no when they wanted to pour or stir or lick the spoon. (And, they’ll remember that I was here to do it because that man balancing on the ladder worked so hard to make it so!). ♥️ When you stop to think about the main memory of you being burned into the minds of your children or grandchildren, what is it that you picture? I hope you can get someone special to stop (and maybe balance on a ladder!) so you can create a snapshot to match the special memories being made!

So stinkin’ PRECIOUS! And she definitely got my wheels turnin’!

Hope you’re having a great week, y’all!

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