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If you’re not blessed with large rooms, you’ll need these great laminate flooring ideas for small spaces to help make the most of the room that you do have. Designing and decorating small rooms takes several tricks of the trade, particularly if you want to help the room feel bigger.

Our Victorian home as several small spaces that have benefited from some of these flooring ideas so I’d love to share my thoughts and research with you in today’s post.

7 Laminate Flooring Ideas for Small Spaces:

Long Planks

In a space like a long hallway it’s always best to embrace the length, and even maximise on it. You’ll find by adding a long plank design your eye is drawn further down the space, elongating the area and pulling your through it.

Large Patterns

Definitely don’t be afraid to embrace a pattern in a small space. Sometimes there’s no getting away from the fact that your room is small – so be proud of that and add a patterned laminate floor to draw your eye down. Keep the rest of the decor simple and minimal so you don’t overcrowd the space.

Dark Floors

Dark floors work really well in a small room. Whilst we all have the notion that small spaces need to be light and bright (and that’s no bad thing) there’s nothing to stop us adding a dark laminate floor. Just remember to ensure there’s plenty of natural light, or other reflective surfaces in the room to help give the illusion of space.

Wall to Wall

Let your eye be drawn to the corners of the room. Use long planks in one uniform direction and install furniture on legs to really make the most of the illusion.

Keep It Light

Of course it’s a well used design trick to create a light, bright decor in a smaller room. Sometimes though all this does is simply highlight the fact that the room is tiny. It’s much better to add some dark or colourful touches to the lighter aspects to give it more interest. You don’t want to feel like you’re living in a tiny, white box after all.


Bathrooms are typically small, unless you’re blessed with a larger space of course. Most of us have to decorate a compact bathroom and the flooring can play a big part in this. Again, run the flooring to the corners of the room if you can – add wall hung loos and free standing baths where possible. All of these tricks help the room feel much more spacious than they really are.

Make Up Your Own Rules

Finally, let me say, just do it your way. There are lots of tips and tricks, design ideas and certainly plenty of people telling you exactly how you should decorate your home, but really, if you want a particular flooring just do it. It’s your space and you have to live there. Make it a space you love.

Now if you’re not sure what type of laminate flooring ideas for small spaces you need, or how your ideas will look in your actual room, Quick Step has Room Viewer tool that allows you to do just that. Upload a picture of your room and try out any of the Quick Step floors to see exactly how they would look. Genius!

I hope you’ve taken some inspiration from these laminate flooring ideas for small spaces when you next come to lay a new floor. 


7 Laminte flooring ideas for small spaces - if you're looking for design tips and tricks for floors for small rooms look no further. Great for tiny bathrooms, offices, small bedrooms and small living rooms. Lots of ideas in both light floors and dark floors - which one would suite your home? #flooringtips #smallhomes #lovechicliving

Would you follow any rules for your flooring in a small room? Let me know below.

Jen x

Images courtesy of Quick Step

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