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You know those little tips and tricks that help make situations in your day-to-day life a little easier? Many people call them “life hacks,” but I don’t think that term is the best fit. While I don’t know any hackers personally, I have a feeling that computer hacking isn’t exactly a walk in the park! I also have a feeling that hacking takes time and effort (like most things do).

That’s why I always felt that those little tips and tricks were closer to “cheat codes” than hacks! Remember video game cheat codes? Back when my kids were little, they spent hours and hours playing games on the original Playstation. Some games had cheat codes, and if you knew a cheat code and entered it just right, you could get an advantage in the game that made it easier to play. (Do games still have cheat codes? I can’t keep up anymore!)

In today’s blog post, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite “cheat codes” for real life! Just like those cheat codes my kids used to use, these tips offer advantages that can make your day-to-day life a little bit easier. (And if you have a favorite tip or trick like these you’d like to share, swap your cheat codes in the comments at the bottom of this post!) 🙂


8 Hacks That Feel Like Cheat Codes For Real Life

Cheat Codes for Real Life

1. Sunday Sandwich Prep

Save yourself time and stress throughout your work week by making all your lunch sandwiches on Sunday night! It’s easy enough to do, but the key is to leave the bread out of the equation to prevent it from getting soggy. Instead, just assemble the insides of your sandwiches!

Grab a couple of slices of cheese, some deli meat, plus your condiments like mayo and mustard. Layer your meat and condiments between the two slices of cheese, then pop it all into a sandwich bag and put it in your freezer. Repeat for all the sandwiches you’ll eat that week.

Then when you’re leaving for work in the morning, just grab a bag of prepped sandwich fillings out of the freezer. Grab a couple of pieces of bread, put it all in your lunchbox, and you’re ready to go!

Cheat Codes for Real Life

2. Skip The Previews

Some DVDs and Blu-Rays will play previews or ads before they start your movie. But you can skip them by pushing a few buttons on your remote! Just hit Stop, Stop again, then Play to skip the ads and get straight to the movie. (And if hitting the Stop button twice doesn’t work, try hitting it three times. That usually does the trick!)

Cheat Codes for Real Life

3. Keep Your Night Vision

It takes time for your eyes to adjust to both the light and the dark, depending on the environment. This can be a problem at night when you need to turn on a light for just a moment to find something! But you can keep your “night vision” by keeping one eye closed when you turn on the light. Once you turn it off, your eyes will have a much easier time adjusting back to the darkness.

Cheat Codes for Real Life

4. Execute Perfect High Fives

Have you ever gone in for a high five and missed completely? It’s pretty embarrassing! But there’s an easy way to nail those high fives every time—keep your eyes on the other person’s elbow! I don’t understand exactly how this works, but it totally does. No more high five do-overs!

Cheat Codes for Real Life

5. Warm Up Your Butter Knife

The next time you’re making yourself some toast, place your butter knife on your toasted bread right after it comes out of the toaster. The heat from the toast will warm up your butter knife! Then when you go to butter your toast, your warm knife will slice through the butter like… well, butter! (It makes the butter much easier to spread too.)

Cheat Codes for Real Life

6. Prevent Lid Leakage

Every disposable coffee cup has a seam where the paper overlaps, and if that happens to line up just right with the lid of the cup, it nearly always leaks as you drink it. Instead, line the lid up so the hole is on the opposite side of the cup from where the seam is. It only takes one second to do, and you can enjoy your coffee free from leaks and dribbles!

Cheat Codes for Real Life

7. Avoid Dry-Erase Disaster

When using dry erase boards, it’s almost inevitable that someone will eventually write on it with permanent marker by accident. But instead of messing with cleaners, there’s a much simpler way to remove permanent marker from a dry-erase board!

Just write over the permanent marker with a dry-erase marker. Both the dry-erase marker and permanent marker will come off together with an eraser!

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Cheat Codes for Real Life

8. Cure Your Hiccups

Nobody knows exactly why hiccups occur, but everyone knows that they are really annoying! But you can usually get rid of them by doing the following breathing exercise.

First, exhale all the air from your lungs, then inhale as slowly as possible until your lungs are full. Hold your breath for as long as you can, then exhale all that air back out as slowly as possible. This is usually all it takes to get rid of a run-of-the-mill case of hiccups!

What’s your favorite cheat code for real life?

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