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Happy Monday!

I had fun gathering a collection of inspiration photos to share here today. The common thread? There’s something in each of them that made me go, “Now that’s an interesting idea!”.

Ready to see? Let’s dive in!

The interesting idea that jumped out to me in this first photo is that they chose to place a long (backed) bench in front of the built-in shelving. I don’t think I ever would’ve thought to do that, but I think it works here because it looks like it’s an entryway and the shelves look like they’re used for things that might not move in and out a lot. Books that have already been read (?) and seasonal decor items that just sit and look pretty. Looks like there’s plenty of room to swing the door open and get in and out of the house, and I love the idea of being able to plop down there to put on or take off a pair of shoes. Maybe that’s what the basket on the floor is for?

Architects: G. P. Schafer and Chambers + Chambers | Interior Designer: Rita Konig | Photographer: Eric Piasecki

The interesting idea that stood out to me in this next photo is on the gutters. I love that they softened the inside corners on the exterior of the home by training a vine to grow up the gutters that are nestled into those spots. The gutters themselves look nice, but having that added, fresh pop of life and (green) color on the vertical plane (vs. just at the base of the house) is such a fun and charming extra touch!

Architects: G. P. Schafer and Chambers + Chambers | Interior Designer: Rita Konig | Photographer: Eric Piasecki

The interesting (or in this case, just inspiring) idea in the next photo can be found sitting on the counter, at the back of the picture. I love the feel of the tall, rattan basket sitting filled with a “shaggy” green plant. But not just the way it looks, I also like the way it (subtly) ties together the wood tone on the ceiling and the wood tone on the island and the floor. The wood fruit bowls work in that way too. But more than anything it makes me want to stick all my houseplants in containers that have texture. I love a good cement, terracotta, or ceramic plant pot, but there’s something about that rattan that really makes my heart sing!

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This next one features an interesting idea because of how the space is shaped. If I remember right, there’s a shower immediately to the right of the pedestal sink, and you can see that there’s a wall to the left of it. I love that the homeowner thought to incorporate triangular-shaped shelves to the left and right of the sink, and then took the functionality one step further and attached small hooks to the front of the shelves so that a hand towel (or whatever) could be hung there!

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

The interesting idea in this next photo has to do with space planning. I’ve always loved the way Sarah Richardson furnished this end of the kitchen in her farmhouse. I love that her brain went to:

  • round table/two chairs
  • wall art hanging perpendicular to the wall.

I think that area could’ve stumped a lot of folks, but she figured out a way to work in a really functional and darling little seating area that feels soft amongst all the straight lines, and feels inviting because the angle of the chairs, and lack of corners on the table, make it easy to feel exactly how it wants to be used!

The interesting idea that jumped out to me in the next pic is the leg style underneath the island countertop. Our barstools pull up to our island in the “traditional way” and sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to stretch my legs out in front of me a bit more, maybe even have a spot to prop my feet. The leg style here would definitely allow for more stretching and propping of folks’ feet!

Rachel Halvorson

The interesting idea that caught my eye in this next photo is how the homeowner incorporated a narrow “table” next to the swing. What a great solution to squeeze a shaker style bench in there! I also like the way they angled a big basket under it for things you’d want within reach. We’re getting a large bed swing for our porch soon so I’ll be filing these ideas for possible future use!

The interesting idea I observed in this next pic might not be what you expect. The thing that hit my brain when I initially looked at the photo was, “Wow! These colors, textures, patterns and elements feel SO good in my eyeballs.” But here’s what struck me upon closer inspection. Two mirrors, three faucets. And even more interesting: neither of the mirrors is centered over the faucets. It works compositionally because they are centered on the wall between the three faucets and who can’t skooch over a bit while washing their hands or brushing their teeth if they want to see their reflection, right?

So, I think the interesting idea in this one is about having fun with and being intentional about using elements that are:

  • durable – wood tile on the floor and wainscoting, flea market finds that are already “broken in”
  • visually pleasing – dog wallpaper and the contrast between tones (warm and cool) and elements (rustic and refined)
  • functional – the vintage sink and mirrored cabinets (at first I thought they were just mirrors, but then I noticed the knobs!)

So in other words, it’s about choosing and using the things that make your heart sing, because as long as you’ve got what you need in a bathroom vanity area (something that reflects and something that has running water) it might not really matter if it’s not lined up!

What do you think? Eclectic for the win? Or Team Faucet-Goes-Below-The-Mirror? 🙂


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