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I’ve always had a pretty pragmatic approach to makeup. I take the time to put it on every morning, but I generally stick to my usual routine. I don’t really keep up with beauty trends, and my makeup experiments extend about as far as doing a slightly more dramatic eye for special occasions. And I suspect that a lot of you (yes, you!) are also pragmatic in your approach to makeup and beauty. But even practical types like us can still benefit from makeup tips—as long as those tips are timeless, rather than trendy!

Makeup bag

And that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing in today’s post! I’ve been scouring the web (and my own brain) for makeup advice that is usable, practical, and not overly concerned with current trends. The 9 makeup tips in this post are sure to help you achieve a classic and timeless look you’ll love! But this is not an exhaustive list of practical makeup tips by any means. So if you have a practical makeup tip you’re dying to share, I’d love to hear about it! Leave your tip in a comment at the bottom of this post, so we can all benefit from your wisdom! 🙂


9 Practical & Timeless Makeup Tips


1. DO Use The Right Concealer

Many types of concealers are formulated to cover up blemishes and other imperfections. Unfortunately for those of us with mature skin, those concealers can actually draw attention to fine lines instead of covering them up. Be sure to look for a concealer that will minimize fine lines and firm up skin.


2. DO Use Moisturizing Foundation

Mature skin needs more moisture than younger skin, so it’s important to choose a lightweight foundation with moisturizing ingredients or properties. There are plenty of good options out there in a range of different shades and coverage levels. Some of them also contain SPF, which is always a plus!

3. DON’T Use Powders

Powder formulas are great for people with oily skin, but aren’t so great for mature skin. Powders can make mature skin look matte and washed out, rather than dewy and youthful!


4. DO Moisturize

Before you put on foundation or even start with your primer, you should apply a good moisturizer! I recently switched to a product called Adaptive Moisture Lotion and I absolutely love it! It feels lightweight and keeps my skin soft and hydrated. This moisturizer feels pretty comparable to the Kiehl’s moisturizer I used to use, but at a much better price!

5. DON’T Wear Matte Lipsticks In Dark Shades

Matte lipsticks in dark shades are highly likely to feather around mature lips. Instead, opt for pink, mauve, or rosy hues of lip color for a more youthful look! There are plenty of finishes to choose from too, from ultra-shiny glosses to tinted lip balms.

Black Mascara

6. DO Use Black Mascara

Mascara comes in all sorts of shades and colors today, but black mascara is a classic for a reason! It’s universally flattering and really makes your eyes POP.

7. DON’T Use Eyelash Curlers

Those clamp-style eyelash curlers may promise curlier lashes, but they aren’t very user-friendly! Eyelash curlers can easily tug on your lashes and even cause them to thin out over time. It’s better to just put the curler down and walk away!

putting on cream blush

8. DO Use A Cream Blush

Cream blushes are perfect for mature skin, because they are much more moisturizing than traditional powder blushes. They’re easy to apply and blend too, so you can create a rosy and youthful glow in seconds! I’ve been using a Cream Blush recently that comes in a tube like a lipstick, which I find really convenient!

Filling in eyebrows with a pencil

9. DO Fill Your Brows

Our eyebrows naturally thin out as we age, so having a good brow pencil can be a big help. Always use a light hand when applying color to your brows to achieve a natural look. And don’t forget to blend! A regular blending brush can help, but experts recommend using a spoolie brush (which is like a mascara wand, but minus the mascara.)

Makeup Brush

Bonus Tip: Try New Brushes!

If you’re still using the same old brushes you’ve used for years, you may be missing out! There are so many new styles of makeup brushes out there, and you never know which ones you’ll like until you give them a try!

For instance, I spotted these oval foundation brushes by LAB2 while I was shopping at Walgreens a few months ago. I bought them on a whim to try them out, and now I can’t imagine living without them! They make it easy to get super smooth coverage in seconds!

What’s your best practical beauty tip?

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