A Year in Fashion & Beauty: All the Things I Wore (On My Body and Face) in 2018

admin on December 27, 2018
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One of These Made Our Top 10 List This Year…

It has come to my immediate attention (once we pulled together this post) that this was not a very fashion-y blog year for Emily Henderson. I blame it on the fact that I was too deep in the renovation trenches to focus on fashion and beauty which I really LOVE, too. But once the summer hit, we got it together and dove in hard. So much chambray, bathing suits for different body types (thanks Arlyn and Sara), the team’s favorite beauty picks and, of course, the HAIR MAKEOVERS. We have a lot of plans for fashion and beauty next year because, well, it’s just fun and most everyone likes it, me included. 🙂 Plus, I’ll take any excuse to try something new. For now, let’s take a look back on what happened in 2018 in the world of Haute Henderson.

My Summer Basics – It’s a Circus of White and Chambray

Emily Henderson Summer Fashion Basics Ruffel Hem Embroidered Blouse Denim Skirt

My sister pointed out to me that last year’s post is almost identical to this one so I fired her immediately. LOOK this girl loves her blue, white and blush for an everyday look. Plus this post contains some of my staples like the jeans and shoes that I wear all the time (SPEAKING OF WHICH: Nisolo, one of my go-to footwear brands is having an INSANE sale starting today until January 5th where a big majority of their products are 40% off, like these Chelsea boots, these oxfords and these mules). I did step out of my color palette a little so head to the post if you want to see what I changed up.

We’re Talking Swimsuits: Our Recommendations For 3 Different Body Types

Emily Henderson Bathing Suit Favorites13 2500x3500

I tend to lean on the modest side of fashion so swimsuits are not my favorite clothing item to discuss. And let’s be real, all of us have pain points on our bodies that we aren’t the happiest about. One of mine is my post-baby tummy. So this year, I talked to the team to see who was brave enough to talk about their bodies and pick out swimsuits they love. Sara and Arlyn (it was her FIRST month here) stepped up. Head to the post for some real body talk and flattering swimsuit options.

The Dresses I Want to Put On My Body This Summer

Emily Henderson Closdubois Wine Party Pic 87 Edited

I love a flowy dress and this summer I wanted them on my body. They are easy, comfortable and a whole outfit in one piece of clothing. This post was a roundup of all the ones I wanted plus some super cute summer shoes.


EHD Team Picks: Our Absolute Favorite Beauty Products (That We Can’t Quit)

Emily Henderson Team Beauty Picks Opener 1

We thought it would be really fun and super helpful to share the ladies of EHD’s most favorite beauty products. Since we all have different skin types, needs and levels of beauty knowledge, we figured that many of you could relate. So each team member talked about their skin, challenges and why they love the products they use. Just consider us your new cool friend who has all those awesome product recommendations you need in your life.

Fall Fashion on My Body (Already)

Emily Henderson Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Fall Essentials 2018 Long Plaid Coat

This was the first year I shopped at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and now I get it. It’s AWESOME. This post was not sponsored at all. I just needed some new fall clothes and jumped on the sale train. My love for the long trench is alive and real folks. But I grabbed some other very fun and apparently CONTROVERSIAL pieces. Check them out and see what you think. 🙂

Wedding Outfits For Every Venue & Occasion

Emily Henderson Fashion Wedding Guest Oufits For Every Venue Gif

Summer is THE wedding season and it’s hard to know what to wear to all of those different weddings. Jess felt very passionately about this since she had five weddings to attend this year. So we decided to round up our favorite dresses and shoes by venue type and dress code.

This Could Be Epic: Befores & Inspirations for the Team EHD Hair Transformations

Ehd Hair Transformation Opener

Remember when I said at the beginning of the post that I love trying all the new things?? Well, that usually excludes my hair. But we got an opportunity to do a trade with The Harbor Salon in Silver Lake to do five hair makeovers in exchange for a blog post. Four of the EHD ladies and I were ready for a change so we said YES. This post is an intro to where their hair was at and what we wanted to go for.

Update: The Team EHD Hair Reveals


We did it! Well, they did it as my hair is forever a work in progress. The girls look SO good and they feel/look like new people. Head to the post to see the beautiful pics of the salon and how awesome the ladies hair turned out.

There you have it. That’s it. Short, sweet but still full of fun yet help info. Okay, now I want to hear from you. What fashion/beauty content do you want in 2019? It’s honestly so fun to put together so we would love to know what is most helpful to all of you. Comment below and we will try to deliver.

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