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Alternative Flooring has launched Boutique, a new carpet collection created in collaboration with Zoffany. Celebrating craft and colour, the series comprises five designs: Dunand, Seizo, Clio, Serpentine and Crackle, which are available in a total of sixteen colourways.

“This is the beginning of our exciting collaboration with the luxury fabric house Zoffany,” says Lorna Haigh, Creative and Marketing Director of Alternative Flooring. “For the first time, their inspirational design stories are translated into a different cloth, wall-to-wall carpet. This allows the interior designer to play with scale and texture using these design concepts in the luxury boutique and commercial markets.”

Named after Art Deco artist Jean Dunand, the geometric Dunand design reproduces the positive negative silhouette of Brik and is offered in colourways such as Tiger’s Eye, Armadillo, Como and Empire, while Clio is a small-scale geometric motif inspired by Roman mosaic flooring and named after one of the nine Greek Muses.

Crackle, meanwhile, is inspired by the landscape of the Gobi and Sahara Desert, featuring a pattern that imitates the crackle of paint glazes or dried earth in shades of fossil and old gold. Completing the collection, Serpentine is an exuberant design offered in Celadon and Malachite that translates classic marble into the softness of carpet, while Seizo is a fretwork geometric with a sophisticated, modernist style in tones of vermeer, vine, indigo and zinc.

Peter Gomez, Head of Zoffany Studio, adds: “We are delighted to be working with Alternative Flooring, who have interpreted five of our signature designs beautifully into carpets. With our Alchemy of Colour palette singing out through them, they will complement our fabrics, wallpapers and paints wonderfully.”


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