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OMG, I’m in love with these gorgeous number cakes. They are a wonderful alternative to the traditional birthday cake.  Today I am sharing both beautifully decorated number cakes as well as tips on how to make them.

Gorgeous Number Cakes

These two cakes are just a couple of Adi Klinghofe’s creations.   They are a work of art and so creative!    Be sure to follow her Instagram account for more inspiration.

via Adi Klinghofe

Another one of Adi Klinghofe famous number cakes.

via Adi Klinghofe

Use Cupcakes to Form Your Number Cake

Another creative account to follow on Instagram is Sophia Mya Cupcakes.  I love her inspiration for using cupcakes to form the number.

Use Cupcakes to form your cake number. Cupcake Numbergram; Concept & design by Sophia Mya Cupcakes

via Sophia Mya Cupcakes

Number Cake Using a Mold

Lekue silicone cake molds are available in numbers 0-9.  You can create your own number combination for a special birthday party celebration.  An easy yet elegant way to decorate a cake is with a variety of berries.   I love the look of leaving the leaves on the strawberries.

Number Cakes Decorated with Berries; via LÉKUÉ

Lekue Number 9 Cake Mold

Other Ways to Make a Number Cake

This infographic from Today’s Parent shows how you can make any number using an 8-inch round and 8-inch square cake pan.

How to make number cakes via Today's Parent

via Today’s Parent

I found this picture floating around Pinterest, however the link attached to the photo was not a working site.  I wanted to share it because I feel it helps to see how they put the actual cake together to form the number.

These photos show how to make number cakes

Use Cupcakes to Form Number Cakes

Pull apart cupcake cake via Cake Central

via Cake Central

As you saw above, you can form cupcakes into the shape of your desired number.   It makes it easy to serve as no cutting is required.  The number 2 cake above is festive with the floral pattern on both the cake and the serving board.

In need of a large serving board?  You can use a large piece of cardboard or corrugated poster board and cover with foil.

The patterns below will help you decide how many cupcakes you will need to create the desired number.  Depending on the size you want, you can use either regular sized cupcakes or mini cupcakes.

Use cupcakes to form number cakes

via Novelty Birthday Cakes

Which cake was your favorite?

Party Decorations

Need decorations for a milestone birthday party?  Read my post Festive Party Decorations for a Milestone Birthday for some great tips.





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