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A total room makeover can be intimidating, but we’re here to help make that dream room come to life with a little planning and care.

While Taylor was very excited about moving into her new home with her husband, Chris, she knew their new bedroom was going to be her biggest design challenge, noting that she “had so many ideas, but was intimidated to get started. So we just let it sit as a blah bedroom for over a year. It was a space I didn’t love being in, but knew had great potential.”

Enter Crate Design Studio Expert, Antwan. Antwan worked closely with Taylor and her husband to help them design a dream bedroom makeover that is “comfortable and inviting, but with a nice aesthetic and flow to it.”

The end result? According to Antwan, “Taylor loves the new space so much that she sent me flowers with a note that says, ‘Thank you for giving us our dream room.’”

Teamwork really does make the dream work…

Taylor’s Top 3 Design Dilemmas:

1. Finding the correct layout for their room, which has low ceilings in some areas, two doorways and a (not very large) closet. According to Antwan, “this would be a space that would intimidate almost anyone.”

2. Creating a room that is designed for hanging out, lounging and light working.

3. Creating a pulled-together bedroom that still reflected Taylor and her husband’s personal style.

Why Antwan always uses a Moodboard when room planning (and why you should, too!):

A digital moodboard lets you play around with different room layouts and see how furniture and decor will look before committing to changes in real life. Antwan likes moodboards because they are a chance to make sure new styles and direction of layout are on point with his clients’ expectations.

Taylor says that the new room is her biggest happy surprise because it now offers her cozy bedroom lounge time, specifically “in those blue velvet chairs…with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Once it hits dusk the coffee will be replaced with wine.”

“I would have never thought to put the bed where it is and yet it makes so much sense,” Taylor notes of the new room layout, which Antwan created to amplify the tall ceilings and improve overall room flow.

“I also love the wall color Antwan chose and the gorgeous accent light that hangs in the middle, which somehow seems to make our ceilings look even taller.”

The “Before” bedroom had “ugly hooks that always looked so messy and was such an eyesore,” according to Taylor, Antwan replaced their makeshift storage with an armoire and dresser to store folded clothes and jeans. Taylor loves both the look of the furniture and that having the “extra space for folded clothes and jeans really helps to organize the small closet my husband and I share.”

Not only do Taylor and her husband love their “After” room, they enjoyed the makeover process. In fact, Taylor describes that process as “meeting up with your most stylish friend for coffee and then spending the next 30-45 minutes picking their brain for all of their best ideas. Within five minutes of sitting with Antwan I felt like he already knew me and my husband, Chris, so well.”

Taylor’s advice to anyone thinking of a bedroom makeover: “My advice to anyone who is itching to redo their bedroom, but doesn’t know where or how to start…just jump in and go for it. Stop over thinking it, bring Antwan into the process and let him do the over-thinking. When I consider all of the time we spend in our bedroom, it’s crazy to me that we waited so long to make this our favorite space. I’ve heard that mornings can set the tone for your day, so it makes me really happy that Antwan has designed a bedroom for us that we’re truly excited to wake up in every single morning.” We couldn’t agree more.

Thank you Taylor, Chris & Antwan!


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