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I have been busy on the blog this week, sadly though, not working on anything you have been able to see like new posts.

Instead I have been working on doing background and technical stuff that is needed behind the blog along with a total redesign for my site.

If you are an email subscriber, then you may remember me mentioning that I am nearing the end of the blog redesign process. So many things to consider and implement. It is getting close and I think you are going to like the new format, design and navigation.

As I get closer to getting the new design launched, I need to stay focused on getting it completed, so instead of a new project style post for you today, I thought I would share a few things that I am planning, happened to me or I read about this week.

One of the home decorating projects that I am planning on doing this spring is getting the hardwood floors in the kitchen and living room refinished.

I like the herringbone pattern of the hardwood, just not the orange color. I would like it to blend in with the brown brick floor in the foyer I posted about last month.

Kitchen decorating at the Southern Living Idea House

I want it to be darker with a matter finish. I love the look of this wood plank floor in the Southern Living Idea House I toured two years ago. I would like the finish for my floor to have a more rough hewn finish with low sheen.

Ed and I won’t be DIY’ing this, but are having a flooring company/contractor do it. He is going to come next week, sand some of the floor and apply a few different finishes for me to consider.

Speaking of Ed… I didn’t mention it in my last email, but there is another reason that I haven’t been able to get any projects done this week.  Ed has needed my assistance… he had a total knee replacement on his right knee. He is home now and on the mend.

Since he is in good physical shape and leads an active life, he hasn’t had any problems beyond pain and feeling groggy from the pain meds. He has been up walking with assistance and hours after surgery was on his laptop working. Like, me he works online, but his passion isn’t decorating and creative living, but for the prevention of blindness through technology to help people who are blind navigate the world. His website is called, The Blind Guide.


He had one request when he got home yesterday and that was for some comfort food. I made his favorite cake into muffins. They are so good!

You know I love candles… now I know what I can do with all the stubs. Love ideas like these.

Have you heard about the secondary impact of the popularity of Marie Kondo and her decluttering method, KonMari? Thrift stores in certain cities are limiting when and how much they will accept due to the mass amount of donations that have been coming in since the first of the year when everyone started watching her show on Netflix. If you enjoy shopping at thrift stores to find treasure… Run don’t walk to your nearest one while they are stock full of new donations.

I know a lot of cool decorating tricks, but this one was new to me.

Clear glass hobnail hand wash pump bottle on bathroom vanity

I needed a new hand soap pump bottle for the powder room. I found this glass Hobnail pump bottle of hand wash at TJMaxx. I wanted to buy two more to give to my sisters, but they only had one. I searched on their website, but it wasn’t listed. I did find a similar one, here and here.

I’m a BIG believer of this. and this!



Give a kiss… I make these every year, they are a cute and colorful way to give a candy Kiss to your friends and family on Valentine’s Day.

How to make tiny gift boxes using recycled greeting cards.

If you don’t like Kisses, then something small and sparkly (rings and earrings) will fit in the boxes as well. 🙂

If you like to give handmade Valentines, I have many DIY Valentine ideas in my archives. Ideas and inspiration for Valentine gift giving, Free printables to help make wrapping a Valentine gift easy, and even what to serve for Valentine’s Day breakfast.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

I promise I will have some new posts to share with you next week.  One is something brand new for the house and another is one of the most exciting things to happen to me. I can’t wait to tell you more about this! 🙂

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