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9 Things That Will Actually Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Sleep is one of the most fundamental needs we have as humans. Because sleep is so crucial to our wellbeing, everything starts to suffer when we aren’t getting enough of it! I have personally struggled with having difficulty falling asleep...

/ March 16, 2019

The Househunter: Room by Room

The Househunter: Room by Room – Mad About The House This website needs cookies to work correctly. Click the ACCEPT button to use cookies or click Read More for additional info.Accept Read More Privacy & Cookies Policy

/ March 16, 2019

5 Simple Spring Entryway Decor Ideas

See 5 simple spring entryway decor ideas using an elegant, casual tulip display, wreaths and beautiful pillows for a pop of Spring color. Plus design tricks to transition your home from winter to Spring easily! Shop the look of my...

/ March 16, 2019

A Barn-Style Holiday Cottage Oozing With Rustic Charm

This barn conversion holiday-let, dates back to the 16th Century (is Grade-II listed) and has been lovingly restored to retain its original features. The owners have used nature as the main point of inspiration for its interior, and they have...

/ March 16, 2019

10 Steps to Spring Clean a Family Home

It’s that time of year again when we start looking at our home with critical eyes. It’s time to Spring Clean! This year, with the ascendance in popularity of Marie Kondo, we are keener than ever to blitz our homes...

/ March 15, 2019

Six places to buy stylish pet accessories

Sharing a home with a cat or dog is wonderful, but there’s no denying they bring with them a lot of paraphernalia – beds, bowls, scratching posts, toys, litter trays… Most of it isn’t exactly pretty, and it’s certainly not...

/ March 15, 2019

Embrace the curves

Time to start embracing the curves… As we steam ahead into 2019 we are seeing an abundance of curves and arches. Sadly, we are not all blessed with beautifully arched windows and door frames but fret not, there are many...

/ March 15, 2019

Colour Crush: Citrus yellow and how to decorate with it

14 Mar 19 My colour crush for this month has been inspired by the spring daffodils that are popping up everywhere in my garden. I’m enjoying bringing armfuls in the house right now and popping them on jugs to brighten...

/ March 15, 2019

What’s in a name? – A fresh start, changing my blog name to Hannah Trickett

You may have noticed that my blog name has changed. I’ve said goodbye Hannah in the house and welcomed Hannah Trickett. As sometimes you just need a change. Why you ask? Well it has been some time coming. I started...

/ March 15, 2019

Here’s How To Get Rid Of All The Worst Household Odors

Our sense of smell plays a big role in our lives, even if doesn’t seem that way all the time. For instance, even if my house looks spotless, I can’t consider it truly clean if it doesn’t smell clean too....

/ March 14, 2019