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Choosing our new bedroom paint color – Sherwin Williams Pure White! See why we chose this beautiful fresh white with no yellow undertone!

Choosing Our Bedroom Paint Color – Sherwin Williams Pure White

Our bedroom is getting a major makeover! From new paint, some new furniture, area rug, decor and lighting!

Read on to see a sneak peak of what our new wall color Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005  looks like and the ‘before’!

The Bedroom Paint Color ‘Before’:

When we moved into our home, our master bedroom was this deep teal green and a light green color.

Here’s what it looked like with the previous home owner’s furniture as shown in the real estate ad.

These colors looked pretty with their bedroom furniture but looked awful and really dark with ours!

Wall colors with previous home owners furniture:

Master bedroom painted green color. Before design makeover. #interior #design #decor #green #paint #color

The bed wall was a deep teal green and the rest of the room was painted a mid toned green.

These green paint colors are too dark for our liking, we prefer more neutral shades of gray and greige…. so for us, teal and green just had to go.

(We removed this glass block wall):

Master bedroom painted green color. Before design makeover. #interior #design #decor #green #paint #color

So we moved in, unpacked our furniture and belongings and lived with this color for a while to get a ‘reading’ on the light this room and the color that would work best.

Design tip: Don’t paint your walls until after you’ve moved in to a new home. You need to see your furniture and the lighting in the rooms before picking paint colors.

This picture was taken right after we moved in – the white spots on the wall are primed and patched nail holes!

See how dark it looks? 

Master bedroom green paint color - before the decor makeover. #bedroom #paint #green #makeover #design

The Bedroom Paint Color ‘After’:

Here’s our bedroom painted Pure White!

The ceiling fan will be removed and some of the furniture is leaving too- more details on all that to come! I’ll be adding new bedding, decor and wall art as well!

So much fresher and brighter!

Before we painted, I removed everything in our master bedroom that we aren’t keeping in this room (lamps, decor, art ect).

So right now it looks pretty stark since it’s missing all the layers that make a cozy, well decorated room.

(Take a look at my  New Guest Bedroom Updates to see how I’ve designed and decorated that bedroom.)

But my design plan will turn it to a room that we’ll love sleeping in, reading in and watching TV in comfort!

Master bedroom paint color Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005. #bedroom #makeover #paint #wall #decor #interiodesign #color

SW Pure White is the perfect white that I was looking for in tour master bedroom: it has no yellow or green undertones, works beautifully with our dressers (which I’ll be keeping), works well with the natural lighting in this room and gives our master bedroom a stylish look! 

Also, this white is a perfect backdrop to any accent color!! So I’ll have fun adding color with my decorative pillows, throw blankets and art.

Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005 paint color. We used this in our bedroom. See the makeover. #diy #decor #makeover #bedroom #white #paint #color #sherwinwilliams

So why did I choose white?

1. I wanted my bedroom to feel relaxing, light and airy.

2. I wanted our bedroom dressers to contrast with the wall color.

3. I wanted to use decorative accent colors that I can change from time to time and with the seasons. So I needed a wall color that works with other colors without clashing. 

4. I didn’t choose a gray this time, like the SW Mindful Gray that we used in our guest bedroom and on the main level of our home, because I wanted a change and to use a different color.

SW Mindful Gray would have worked well in our master bedroom but I was looking for something completely different in our bedroom.

4. Plus I’m toying with adding molding to our walls and I’ve always loved the look of white walls with molding!  We’ll have to see if we do install molding…

Testing Different White Paint Colors:

I tested 4 other different whites in our bedroom – Sherwin Williams Simply White , BM White Dove OC-17, BM Chantilly Lace OC-65 and Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White CC-20.

Test different paint colors in a room using sample tester pots of paint. #diy #painint #color #walls #sample

When I tested them in our master bedroom all of them (except Pure White) had blue or yellow undertones, which I didn’t want. So I chose SW Pure White.

Pure White is a ‘white’ white, has no yellow undertone and isn’t a stark white.

Paint Finish Selection:

We used Sherwin Williams Duration interior paint in a matte finish.

Even though it’s a matte finish it’s washable and looks like velvet!

See my Paint Tips – How To Pick The Perfect Paint Sheen.

Painting The Walls:

 With my checklist in hand on How to Prepare a Room For Painting we prepared the room then started to paint. 

We used this amazing short handled Wooster sash paint brush for the first time and love it for cutting in around the ceilings and trim!

It’s short handle makes it easy to maneuver around tight spaces!

Our walls took 2 coats of paint.

The best sash brush to paint trim and ceiling! Designed to get into narrow spaces! #paint #paintbrush #diy #walls #ceiliing #trim

Recording the Bedroom Paint Color Information:

I recorded the name and finish of this paint color in my paint color tracking sheet.

This printable form keeps track of all your paint colors, brand names, finish type ect – it’s so handy and you’ll never forget again what paint you used where!



I love how our new paint color SW Pure White turned out!

Master bedroom paint color Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005. #bedroom #makeover #paint #wall #decor #interiodesign #color

Next Steps:

Right now I’m working on the remaining parts of my bedroom design refresh! I’m sourcing new window treatments, lighting, art, area rug, chairs for a seating area, a bench for the foot of the bed, bedding and new nightstands. 

I’ll share with you my bedroom makeover as it comes along so you can see the changes!

Plus, I’ve got a post coming up later this week on a new design tool that makes refreshing a room super easy – stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed my post on Choosing Our Bedroom Paint Color – Sherwin Williams Pure White!


How to choose a bedroom paint color. See why we chose Sherwin Williams Pure White! #paint #color #painting #decor #bedroom #undertones #wall

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