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Over a dinner awhile back, she told me about her journey to raise the money. Her perseverance is amazing. Inspirational really. She is super hardworking and really knows how to hustle and get things done. Her bright idea turned into a big reality!

Now she has this awesome company that makes shopping for paint super easy!

Meet Nicole Gibbons

Clare’s Founder and CEO (and great friend of mine) Nicole Gibbons is an interior designer and entrepreneur known for her impeccable use of colors and her expertise featured on HGTV, OWN and TLC as well as Elle Decor and Better Homes & Gardens. Prior to a career in interior design, she spent almost a decade managing PR for large retail brands.

Nicole’s design background has helped her develop and bring a unique look at the paint industry. She was able to identify that the industry was ready for a different type of paint that exemplified simplicity and creativity. And with Clare, she sought out to create a paint company specifically marketed to digitally-driven people who wanted to create spaces they loved.

Nicole named Clare (/Klaire/) after the Latin word “clarus,” for “clear, bright, shining, and brilliant to the sight.” And that’s exactly the what these colors exemplify. Clare Paints stands for realness, creativity and connectivity to the consumer through optimism and forward-looking tones. It is a fresh perspective that stands out and leads the way forward for a new type of paint company.

I remember when I started blogging at the same time as Nicole. We met at some event and became friends years ago. And when she told me her idea a few years back, I knew she was onto something. Now her business is a huge success. I couldn’t be more excited for her!

Clare Paint: A New Kind of Color Company

Painting Made Simple With 55 Curated Colors

Clare Paint is a modern paint brand reinventing the paint shopping experience. The brand offers 55 perfectly curated colors that are high-performing, eco-conscious, and hassle-free. With quality supplies that are Zero VOC GREENGUARD Gold Certified paint, water-based, 100% acrylic and transparent about the process, Clare is there to make paint shopping easier and more inspiring.

How is Clare Paint reinventing the shopping experience? By delivering everything the customer needs straight to their door and help them create spaces they love. Clare defines itself as “expertly curated color palette, the highest quality paint, no-mess, no-fuss color sampling, and the best painting supplies all delivered to your door.”

Clare Paint’s concept is innovative and it truly is a modern-day paint brand completely reinventing the paint shopping experience. Clare Color Genius, an interior design-­based color consultation and high-­tech algorithm helps customers find their perfect color. Customers first answer questions and then Clare Color Genius analyzes their answers to deliver one perfect color recommendation. Innovative is an understatement.

What Makes Clare Different

Paint really has the power to completely transform a space. But for those of us that have tried to change a room, it can really be a headache, shopping between thousands of colors, not-so-great ingredients or lack of guidance. That’s where Clare comes in. By making painting fun, not a hassle, and by offering a different, better way to shop for paint. 

Nicole reviewed hundreds of color formulations to create the perfect 55 colors. Not just known for its great performance. Clare is also self-priming, low-odor and dirt, grime, & mildew resistant. Their formula contributes to healthier indoor air environments because all Clare’s paint is free of toxic air contaminants, hazardous air pollutants and every chemical on the EPA chemicals of concern list.

“We call it paint, perfected.” –Clare Paint


Check out some of their amazing colors below!

The Perfect Shades

What wall paint colors are you loving most with right now? Follow Clare Paint’s Instagram and Pinterest for more daily color-inspirations.

Congratulations to Nicole!  I am so inspired! #girlboss










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