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Each year, the UK’s leading wallpaper and paint specialist Graham & Brown announces its ‘Wallpaper of the Year’, and now there’s a Colour of the Year.

For 2020 ‘Adeline’ green is that chosen shade.

The rich, leafy green is predicted by the experts to be big when it comes to decorating our homes next year.

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Colour of the year 2020

Adeline Graham & Brown’s Colour of the Year 2020

To aid the decorating journey Graham & Brown identified a need for co-ordinating paint colours for their wallpapers. To highlight this a carefully selected Colour of the Year exists in conjunction with wallpaper of the year.

The chosen hero colour is carefully selected from the same palette, making decorating choices a whole lot easier. This year that colour is a rejuvenating shade of dark green.

Green is such a purposeful colour when used in our homes. Thanks to it’s association with nature it’s the perfect shade to welcome the outside in.

Colour of the year 2020

Adeline Graham & Brown’s Colour of the Year 2020

Described by as ‘a directional shade of rich bottle-green’ Adeline channels the healing properties of nature. It’s a balancing, serene shade echoing a wider interiors trend which looks to inspire healthier, happier homes.

Reminiscent of foliage green is an oxygenating, fresh tone – when used for decorating it can breath life into any room.

Colour of the year 2020

Simon Whitmore

We’re bigs fans of green for interiors, this stunning living room decor being a prime example of how well it enhances other rich shades – such ochre yellow. Green has been a growingly popular colour choice over the past seasons, thanks to this accolade it’s set to be even more popular.

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Will your home be awash with green in the coming months?

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