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We loved the hand-stamped wallpaper styles that we’re seeing in magazines and home shows lately (and the two that our team did here and here) so we set out to make our own hand-stamped herringbone accent wall in our office space. We stamped this section of the wall in a couple of hours, with no stencil and no fancy tools — just a bit of paint, a paintbrush, and a piece of cardboard (thanks to all those Amazon deliveries 😉 ) Watch the video to see just how fast you can hand-stamp an accent wall:

How to Hand-Stamp a Herringbone Accent Wall

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Can you believe how easy that is? Just painter’s tape, cardboard, and a bit of paint! Perfect for creating an subtle accent wall (or go more bold if you prefer higher contrast) — just pop in some earbuds and your favorite podcast or audiobook and get to stamping! We did a similar overlapping circle style “stencil” (using a bowl!) a few years ago in our daughter’s room and it’s really pretty fast and relaxing to just roll up your sleeves and get down to business stamping a wall. The painterly imperfect handpainted lines are a look you could pay big bucks for if you wanted hand-stamped wallpaper, but you can do it yourself for just a couple bucks, and you can do whatever pattern you want. Chevron (which  mine is NOT 😉 or stripes or really any type of repeating pattern, at any scale.

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