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I’m so excited to share this new travel inspiration series. Traveling is one of the most inspiring and eye-opening things you can do. There are infinite experiences and knowledge to gain. New York, Paris, Dominican Republic, The Hamptons, London, Cabo San Lucas, New Orleans are some of my favorite places to visit. I have also been all over Europe, Canda, and major USA cities. As much as I love traveling to the same places – it’s important to break out of that mold and see something completely out of the ordinary. There is so much inspiration just waiting to be unlocked. This year I went to Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende for the first time. It was so refreshing to be completely out of my element and in new surroundings. Next on my list is Morocco. Morocco is such a stunning city full of culture, architecture, design, and more! Here are some of the things on my list so far…

The city of Chefchaouen in Morocco is known for its coloring. The entire city is in various shades of blue. It’s a photographers dream – there are so many different areas to explore. Chefchaouen is full of culture and personality, plus it’s less touristy than Marrakech. You can explore with freedom and get a real idea of how the locals live.

Known for throwing spectacular dinner parties that seat hundreds, Jnane Tamsna boutique hotel in Marrakech, is a dream vacation stop!

I have been following Jnane Tamsna for awhile now. I’m completely obsessed with the design and interiors of this hotel. It is practically an interior design museum and has a nine acre of garden. At only 24 rooms this boutique hotel is made to be a special place to stay for a completely unique travel experience. In addition to being a beautiful place to stay, they throw grand dinner parties. What an incredible chance to meet other people traveling and learn about their experiences and interests! When I go to Morocco I will 100% be going to one of these dinner parties.

One of the highlights of traveling is visiting where the locals spend their time. Whether that’s local restaurants or shops I love being around the people. When I visit Morocco I have to go to one of their markets – full of fresh produce, artisan work, ceramics, textiles, art, and more. I will be trying to hunt down a few one-of-a-kind fabrics and art pieces to use in one of my future designs. Just thinking about it makes me want to buy the next plane ticket out. 

Courtyard pool at the Riad Yasmin

Riad Yasmin is a very popular and well-known boutique hotel. Most of you have probably seen influencers on Instagram in one of their incredible spaces. This space is so uniquely curated and designed, it’s no surprise why it is so photographed. At only 8 rooms – this hotel is meant to be a calm oasis where one can explore the space at their leisure. 

La Mamounia Marrakech is yet another well-known hotel. This hotel is a luxury hotel with incredible interiors. They have more rooms meaning, you may have a better chance of getting a reservation. I could wander through these halls for hours just taking different photos, sketching, and exploring every corner. Not to mention, that pool looks so calming! 

I ran across this image from another blogger. This is such a stunning image. The lighting, colors, architecture, and design meld perfectly. As a design junkie, I could probably wander around Morocco just absorbing the buildings. A true art, Morocco’s buildings are brilliantly designed to intrigue the viewer. I’m so inspired and in awe with the photographs, I can’t even imagine my response in person. I can see a trip to Morocco inspiring so many new colors and shapes into my designs.


The city of Berkane is near the Mediterranean Sea. Berkane is known for one of the most popular beaches in Morocco: The Blue Pearl. They are also known for incredible citrus fruits. Definitely worth exploring when you make it to Morocco.


Off of the beaten path, El Jadida is a gorgeous city that doesn’t attract many tourists. It is a popular travel destination for locals. The city is full of beaches and historical sights. Sounds incredible! 

Morocco is known for its incredible gardens. What makes them so special is the mix of nature, architecture, and design. Many gardens are huge courtyards with intricate tiles and breathtaking fountains. That blue, teal and yellow are so vibrant, yet work together beautifully. Visiting a garden or two is a definite must on my Morocco list. Imagine going to the garden in the morning then heading to Chez Chegrouni for tea and a snack or meal. Such a stunning image of a simple tea for two. It’s always serene take a break from being an active tourist and just taking time to soak up the ambiance, people, and experience. As important see the sights are, some of my fondest memories traveling are when I take a moment to myself.

One of the incredible things about traveling is getting the chance to visit new museums. I love submerging myself in a creative or cultural space and absorbing as much information and inspiration as possible. The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden in Marrakech is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting African art. The museum holds a variety of medium and has a truly stunning interior. I can only imagine what great pieces live inside.

The other museum in Morocco on my list is Musee Yves Saint Laurant in Marrakech. As someone with an interest in fashion, it’s always a treat to submerge yourself in a designers work. The museum includes an exhibition hall, a research library, an auditorium, book shop, and a cafe. I imagine this being a beautiful afternoon spent exploring the work of Yves.

It’s impossible to research everything Morocco has to offer. For now, I will continue adding to list and dreaming of the day I can submerge myself in the city and culture.

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