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Happy Summer!

(Dress, ottomans, bed swing)

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog, so I guess I’ll start by catching you up to speed. In decorating news- I had fun whipping up a summery little display above the fireplace mantel in June:

(3 hats on the right: Raffia Edge Sun Hat, Cowboy Hat, Fedora)

The older (and more perimenopausal- ha!) I get, the more I seem to crave a quieter space. Less visual noise, less stuff. More me and mine…less this and that and the other thing, collecting dust here, there and everywhere.

And speaking of “the change of life”…Y’ALL. What the actual heck? Crazy hormones, crippling anxiety, hair loss, insomnia, hot flashes- WHEW! I feel like there should be mandatory seminars to prepare women for this stuff. And can we talk about the super fun spike in anxiety that comes, like clockwork, preCISEly three days before a cycle starts? The struggle is real. I recently read that the average age of menopause is 51, but that it can start sooner for women who don’t give birth. So yay for being on track, I guess. 😉

In other (less TMI) news…Steevenson learned how to play Squares and he’s been giving his Granmè a run for her money lately…

And speaking of precious kiddos, we’ve been mentoring a 17-year-old Haitian gal who loves to play Squares too! We met her at Camp Hope (a foster care-related event) and we call her by her nickname “Meme”. We’re fixing her a bedroom in our (unused) home office space so that she feels more comfortable whenever she stays with us. We’ve got a bunch of fun bedding & decor items on the way this week, so hopefully it’ll feel a little more comfortable by the next time she visits (this Friday!). Here’s a photo I snapped before we brought in the rug last week:

And here are a couple of photos of the rugs we chose. We layered this one…

(Faux Hide Rug)


…on top of this one:

(Berry Pink Rug)

And to make that space feel more like a dedicated bedroom, we’re adding (lined) french doors and creating a separate entrance into our side of the house so we can enter/exit the house without using the door that cuts through Jim & Katie’s eat-in nook. I’ve got a cute and cost-effective plan to camouflage the door (while still making sure we can access it if necessary too), but I’ll have to snap a pic when everything is finished because it’ll be easier to show you than to explain. 🙂

And in related news…

Kevin and I are about halfway through our Deciding Together classes with Agape. We meet with the gal that’s training us every two weeks and hope to be licensed to provide foster care by the end of the summer. And I’m not going to sugarcoat it: because the classes involve processing a LOT of tough information, they often leave us totally mentally and emotionally exhausted. If you’ve been through TIPS or Deciding Together or another certification process, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. And that Imaginary Journey exercise in Book Two…whew! That one really rocked us. Our trainer had us do it (and asked us all of the questions) with our eyes closed (vs. just reading through it ourselves) and it was so impactful to do it that way. I feel like it’s one of those experiences I’ll be thinking about for a long time.

As usual, we feel completely unprepared, unequipped, unsure and uncomfortable when it comes to wrapping our heads around what God is calling us to, but there’s also a very distinct kind of “propelling” that comes along with following your heart, ya know?

Anywho…I’m glad to “see” you again and I look forward to blogging about the bedroom as it progresses too!


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