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As we get closer and closer to the winter solstice, the nights are long and only getting longer. When the sun goes down at 5pm, you need some way to pass the hours before bedtime! And what better way to pass the time than catching up on some great TV shows? 🙂

There are so many great TV shows worth watching these days that it can make it difficult to choose one! So I thought I’d help out by recommending some of my personal favorite TV series. 🙂 I’ve also made sure to mention what streaming services or TV channels each show is on, so you’ll know right where to look for them.


woman watching tv

In addition to sharing my own favorites, I’ll also be sharing recommendations from the rest of the OGT Team and some of my Facebook followers too! These lists should give you plenty of options to help get you through the winter, and beyond! And if you have a favorite show that isn’t mentioned in this post, share it with us in a comment at the end of this post.

My Top 6 Binge-Worthy TV Shows

vikings show

1. Vikings

Available on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video

The Vikings TV series is inspired by the life of legendary viking hero Ragnar Lodbrok, who rose to become king of the viking tribes. (Fun Fact: He’s actually my 37th great-grandfather!) I am utterly fascinated by all things related to vikings, and this show completely captured my attention from the beginning!

the crown show

2. The Crown

Available on Netflix

I admit I am a bit of a royal family fangirl, and I love the behind-the-scenes look at Queen Elizabeth’s life.

Outlander show

3. Outlander

Available on Starz

I’ve read every single book and also LOVE the series. One of those rare occasions when the screen version does justice to the books. (Warning: This show gets pretty risqué!)


4. Call The Midwife

Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Call the Midwife follows the nurses, midwives and nuns from Nonnatus House, who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the poorest women with the best possible care. I didn’t think I would like it at first, but it really sucks you in! Interesting from a historic standpoint with endearing characters.

the white queen show

5. The White Queen

Available on Amazon Prime Video and Starz

War ravages England in 1464 during a blood feud between the House of York and the House of Lancaster over who is the country’s true king. Young Edward IV, heir to the house of York, meets and marries Lancastrian commoner Elizabeth Woodville and all kinds of chaos ensues! Gripping stuff and really well done. And the book this show is based on is great too!

the white princess show

6. The White Princess

Available on Amazon Prime Video and Starz

A follow-up to The White Queen, The White Princess tells the story of Princess Elizabeth who is promised in marriage to the newly crowned King Henry VII in hopes that it will unite the kingdom. So good!

OGT Staff Picks For Binge-Worthy TV Shows

the great british baking show

Britta’s Pick: The Great British Baking Show

Available on Netflix

“While the purpose of this competition show is to crown the best amateur bakers in Britain, it’s really so much more than that! It often feels like a refreshing antidote to American competition shows—the amateur bakers are gracious and often willing to help each other out, and the judges offer praise as well as constructive criticism. The hosts infuse plenty of silliness throughout, and every new challenge provides plenty of baking-related drama! Whenever the news or the weather has you feeling down, this show provides a welcome reminder that there’s still plenty of good left in the world.” – Britta, Content Editor

salt fat acid heat show

Kaitlyn’s Pick: Salt Fat Acid Heat

Available on Netflix

“I’m a sucker for just about any food show on Netflix, but this is my current favorite! The show is hosted by Samin Nosrat, chef and author of the New York Times bestselling book that the show is based on. The entire series is only four episodes long, and each episode covers one of the elements of good cooking—salt, fat, acid, and heat. The thing I love most about the show is that Samin visits a different country during each episode to explore how that country’s cuisine is influenced by that particular cooking element.

For example, during the “Salt” episode she travels to Japan and highlights the many ways that Japanese people use salt in their food. It’s so much different than the way we use salt in America and was absolutely fascinating to me! I would highly recommend this show to anyone that loves not only cooking, but culture and science too.” – Kaitlyn, Photographer

the good place show

Brittany’s Pick: The Good Place

Available on Hulu

“This show is first and foremost a comedy, but it cleverly disguises a story that questions what it means to be a good person. It strikes the perfect balance between thought-provoking and funny, with great characters that you feel really invested in. It’s a heartwarming show that I just can’t get enough of!” – Brittany, Production Manager

Strong Girl Do Bong Soon

Lindsay’s Pick: Strong Girl Bong-soon

Available on Netflix

“This show is Korean, so it has subtitles, but it’s absolutely silly and hilarious. It’s a pretty light-hearted drama that will most likely make you laugh out loud. My husband was extremely skeptical when we started watching it, but he ended up laughing out loud at every single episode. My mom and aunt also loved it, and are now completely hooked on K-dramas.” – Lindsay, Social Media Manager

favorite tv

OGT Readers’ Picks

Here are some of the TV shows that have OGT readers hooked! A lot of these shows narrowly missed earning a spot on my personal list. (It was agonizing having to limit myself to picking only 6 shows to recommend!) These should keep you plenty busy:

  • Queer Eye (Netflix)
  • Making It (Hulu)
  • Stranger Things (Netflix)
  • New Amsterdam (Hulu)
  • A Million Little Things (Hulu)
  • Versailles (Netflix)
  • The Tudors (Netflix)
  • The Good Doctor (Hulu)
  • Parts Unknown (Netflix)
  • Downton Abbey (Amazon Prime Video)

What TV shows have you been hooked on lately?

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