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These last few weeks have been filled with focus on the outdoors, and while we thought we had all plans in place, we were thrown a curve ball that changed a lot of how we’re moving forward.  I shared the whole thing on Instagram stories you can still see it in my highlights but to recap, we were partnering with a local landscaper to redo our front and at the last minute after he’d already given us a date and we pulled out all the plants he decided he couldn’t work with us.  As I said on Instagram, I don’t typically talk about the project pitches that get a no, the partnerships that don’t work out, or every hiccup we face in the midst of a project. I share this to show the other side of what I do. Not everything goes smoothly or as expected.

So here we’ve sat, with no landscaping, an HOA that requires it, and a half-done design from the company we were supposed to work with. Because this wasn’t something we budgeted for, at this point we’re probably going to have to forgo the irrigation system we were planning to add this year so we can get the plants. After thinking it over, we won’t skimp on the design. We can always add irrigation, but I don’t want to be re-landscaping in a few years. We’ll do the work ourselves, which were never afraid of doing and I’ve been watching all of the videos I can to figure out how to properly lay out a parterre.

Getting a designer to put something together was easier than I thought.  Don Archer spent several decades doing landscape architecture in some of the wealthiest zip codes in the Kansas City area. When he went part-time, he decided to work closer to his home. He’s the resident designer at Colonial Gardens three days a week, and I knew when they told me about his past work he would be the guy for me. It was fun to see his eyes get excited when I came to him with pictures of our house and an explanation of what I love. There aren’t many people doing formal or traditional beds out here in the suburbs, I think this was a return to what he’s always shined at. Right away he said “I definitely just see green and whites for the front” and I could have hugged him right then and there! For $50, Don will draw up plans for you on the spot; such an amazing deal. Just call Colonial to schedule an appointment. In the end, he gave me plans and ideas I had never dreamed of…better than what I had in mind!

Things always have a way of working out, don’t they?




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