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It’s neat how sweet things just feel like February. Boxed chocolates, red hearts…our very own Katie Sue. She was born on the 18th in 1936 and turned 83-years-young on Monday!

Katie, armed with tortillas chips, on her way to the taco soup on the table

She’s an active gal and her desire to serve seems as important and natural to her as breathing. Most days, she races off right after breakfast. Sometimes to rehearse with the Joy Singers at church, other times to bring food to folks who are sick or grieving. Sometimes she has an appointment with a doctor, or a dentist…or Mr. Parma who takes care of her eyes. She rarely misses the once-a-month luncheon for State Board of Missions retirees, where she fills up on food that comforts and friends that do too. Every Thursday morning she helps fold The Beacon, a tri-fold publication that’s mailed out to First Baptist’s entire congregation each and every week. I once asked her if she reads it the same day she folds it and she said, “Oh, no, I like to wait until it comes to the house.” I smile every time I see one in our mailbox now; knowing it was sent by her, to her, and that it will still feel like a surprise. 🙂

When Katie isn’t out-and-about, or buzzing around the barn, we can usually find her in her chair. It’s a big, puffy, cloud-of-a-thing and if you’re the *teeniest* bit tired, it will snuggle you right to sleep.

The day we went to look at the chair (and its identical twin), we were both focused on things like color, and price, and how we would get them home. But now, that chair is so much more than just batting and fabric stapled to wooden bones. Now, it tells a story about the person who sits in it, our beloved Katie, who stays as busy in it, as she does out of it.

If it’s too dark to be out driving, she checks on folks from the chair. Armed with a cell phone, she kicks up her feet and punches in numbers, not letters, genuinely hoping that the person those digits belong to will pick up their phone. Her conversations as comfortable and soft as the seat beneath her; her cheek as hot as the sun by the time she’s done.

Some days, Katie uses that chair minister to people in a different way. Armed with a needle and thread, she creates the small, evenly-spaced gathers that make up the smocked part of teeny tiny gowns. When she’s done, she gives it to the next member of their team, who works on the next part of the gown. The sleeves, the ribbons- each person has their part. Like candles lighting candles, they work together, piece by precious piece, to create handmade burial gowns for the stillborn babies whose souls shine bright and alive in Heaven.

Other times, she is awake and quiet in her chair; the only sounds we hear are the patient turn of pages. We know what she’s reading. Her favorite Book. The story that ends around page 1200 on paper, but goes on forever in real life. The story inspired by the Author who loves her…and loves others through her…right there in her chair.


PS- If you’d like to try Katie’s taco soup, here’s the recipe. It’s great!

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