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You Asked, We Answered…

image source | design by studio brinson

***Written by Jess Bunge

You asked and we answered. The Modern Chinoiserie train is jam-packed with EHD readers and I couldn’t be happier. Can I get a choo choo?! Cool, I’m already making lame mom jokes and I don’t even have children yet…or a dog..or a living succulent. How lucky those future children of mine are…(hand in face emoji x30). Now that I am banned from all train puns, I gladly introduce our chinoiserie Get the Look shopping roundup. After the resounding “we LOVE chinoiserie” consensus in the comments section of yesterday’s post, the team did a quick divide and conquer to find the best products to highlight the elements of this style so you all could get it into your homes ASAP. Fair warning: most chinoiserie ain’t cheap but we have some awesome options in a variety of price points with a decent dose of some great vintage and antique. 🙂 With our picks, you can either go big with a beautiful wallpaper or sprinkle it in with a small ceramic jar. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Wallpaper & Murals

Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 22
image source | design by mona ross berman
Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 131
image source | design by david kaihoi

First up we have wallpaper and murals. This element is the main event when it comes to chinoiserie because nothing makes the statement like a bold and ornate wall covering. The classic/famous chinoiserie wallpaper heavy hitters are Gracie, de Gournay and Fromental. As I said yesterday, these luxe babies are handpainted (usually in place) on silk, often custom and will run you at least $1,000 a panel. An extreme amount of masterful work goes into those wall coverings so I’m not trying to discount their worth but the majority of us aren’t able to click that purchase button with that price. Am I right? But with some deep internet digging and the help of yesterday’s commenter Ashley, who did a great post on removable chinoiserie wallpaper, we have some great and more affordable options for you to choose from.

1. Temporary Chinoiserie Wallpaper | 2. Handpainted Silk Wallpaper | 3. Brookside Mural | 4. Blue Wallpaper Tile | 5. Gold Jungle Wallpaper | 6. Judarn Mural | 7. Blossom Birds Wallpaper | 8. Teal Removable Wallpaper | 9. Soft Blue Bird Wallpaper | 10. Havenview Mural | 11. Beige Classic Temporary Wallpaper | 12. Ice Blue Removable Wallpaper | 13. Navy Bird Wallpaper | 14. Sand Blossom Removable Wallpaper | 15. Chinoiserie Wallpaper | 16. Anderson Handpainted Silk Wallpaper | 17. Emerald Green Silk Panels | 18. Jardinieres & Citrus Trees Handpainted Silk Wallpaper


Furniture & Screens

Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 231
image source | design by studio brinson
Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 23
image source

Next up we have furniture and screens. Bringing in a piece of chinoiserie furniture is one notch down on the commitment chain from wallpaper (sort of). It is a focal piece in a room but is easier to change out if you decide to go in a different design direction in the future. But as we have learned from its patterned crazed history, having too many pieces that are chinoiserie-y is not going to give you the modern look you want. Keep it simple and out of the 1900s (and ’80s). In the room above, designed by Studio Brinson, they did a perfect job of using that black bamboo chair and chinoiserie seat fabric to make the room feel a little more playful without screaming “there’s some chinoiserie in here.”

1. Wingback Chair | 2. Vintage Chest | 3. Oslari Painted Console Table | 4. Chinoiserie Partition | 5. Light Taupe Bench | 6. 19th Century Chinese Screen | 7. Bamboo Screen | 8. Antique Asian Motif Cabinet | 9. 1960s Iron Bamboo Chairs | 10. Japanese Garden Scene Table | 11. Japanese Garden Scene Table | 12. Liza Skirted Ottoman | 13. English Floral Screen | 14. Cece Dresser | 15. Chinoiserie Four Panel Room Screen | 16. Chinoiserie Small Buffet | 17. June Headboard | 18. 1970s Black Rattan Chair

Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 211
image source | design by dimore studio
Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 27
image source | design by barrie benson

Moving along to even less risky accents, we are diving into art and accessories. We want to emphasize again to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Let that piece shine girl (or guy). Just like in the two photos above, the wall hangings (framed art and mirror) are the only real Chinoiserie pieces in the space. They add beautiful visual interest without taking over the style of the room. You will look eclectic and effortlessly cool if you go this route. Isn’t that what we all really want?

1. Vintage Lacquered Asian Jewelry Box | 2. Gilded Heron Print Set of 2 | 3. Carousel Horse | 4. Bird on Rose Painting | 5. Rectangular Mirror | 6. Antique Chinese Painting | 7. Bird on Branch Linen Table Runner | 8. Teal Dimensional Chinoiserie | 9. Sitting Foo Dogs Set of 2 | 10.  | 11. Gilded Aviary Tieback | 12. Two Birds Serving Tray | 13. In Bloom Painting | 14. Japanese Lithograph Prints | 15. Chinoiserie Wood Mirror


Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 25
image source | design by studio brinson
Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 32
image source | design by johanna ortiz

Now let’s talk textiles. Pillows and rugs are another great way to add in chinoiserie with a soft touch…yes another pun. 🙂 I can’t be stopped. BUT if you want to stay on the “modern” spectrum here, we would suggest maybe start with one pillow to accent or just a rug. Are you seeing a “simple” theme here? Piling on pillows and rugs in a room cloaked in chinoiserie wallpaper and Ming chests is definitely a look, but…it’s certainly not subtle or modern. But if what you want is a party of pillows (and or rugs) then just stay within a cohesive color palette like both Studio Brinson and Johanna Ortiz did with their blues. This will keep them from being too “Hey look at me,” not “LOOK AT ME RIGHT NOW!” Battling textiles are the worst. Here are our favorites.

1. Mustard Crane Embroidered Pillow | 2. Coral Rug | 3. Tassel Flower Pillow | 4. Navy Floral Rug | 5. Fringe Velvet Pillow | 6. Coral Lumbar Pillow | 7. Greek Key Trim Lumbar Pillow | 8. Blue & White Chinoiserie Print Pillow – Set of 2 | 9. Traditional Blue Rug | 10. Chinoiserie Rug | 11. Yellow Lumbar Pillow | 12. Blue Blossom Pillow | 13. Red Fringe Pillow | 14. Floral Print Black Rug | 15. Blue & White Floral Lumbar Pillow | 16. Blue & White Pagoda Print Pillow | 17. Bird Lumbar Pillow | 18. Antique Yellow Rug – 4’6″ x 6’8″ | 19. Green Leaf Print Rug | 20. Gray Chinoiserie Print Pillow | 21. Blue Peacock Print Pillow | 22. Navy Print Pillow | 23. Green Floral Rug | 24. Coral Greek Key Lumbar Pillow


Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 31
image source
Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 33
image source | design by Elodie Moussié and Sophie Richard

Lighting is crucial to any room and as we saw in yesterday’s post, adding a chinoiserie-style lamp can have a BIG impact. Lamps are, in my opinion, the perfect place to get a little weird. Let the base be a bird, dog or add some fringe. The sky’s the limit. The key as always is visual balance. If you look at that beautiful dark teal room in the Hotel Providence in Paris, the room is incredibly simple but those sconces are EVERYTHING. They bring in texture and modern character. Here are our favorites.

1. 25″ Blue & White Lamp | 2. 6-Light Bird Chandelier | 3. 20″ Blue & White Table Lamp | 4. Printed Cotton Shade | 5. Brass Crane Lamp | 6. Vintage Green Bird Lamp Base | 7. Vintage Oversized Black Chinoiserie Lamp | 8. Brass Pagoda Pendant | 9. Grande Chinoiserie Lamp | 10. Vintage White Ceramic Lamp | 11. Garden Lamp Shade | 12. 24″ Table Lamp | 13. Vintage Green & White Lamp | 14. Flushmount Light With Tassel | 15. 19th Century Metal Tea Canister Light (Set of 2) | 16. Petite Chinoiserie Lamp | 17. Vintage Black Urn Lamp | 18. Tree Scene Lamp Shade | 19. Vintage Black & Gold Lamp | 20. Yellow Chinoiserie Lamp | 21. Coral Porcelain Tea Jar Table Lamp


Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 30
image source
Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 29
image source | design by katy schelter
Emily Henderson Full Kitchen Reveal Waverly Frigidaire 30
photo by tessa neustadt for ehd | from: our modern country english kitchen

Lastly, let’s talk about the most recognizable type of decor of the chinoiserie style…the ceramics. As you know, ceramics are kind of an EHD obsession and adding them into a vignette is always solid gold in our book. However, with ornate pieces (like these beauties), keeping the amount displayed in one area to a minimum is—SURPRISE—our recommendation. It just keeps things clean and modern. Is that horse dead yet? Chinoiserie ceramics range from ginger jars, decorative plates, vases/planter bowls and canisters. The most celebrated of them are the blue and white pieces. The vintage ones can get pretty expensive (of course) and many people collect them so if you see a good one you love, grab it fast before someone else gets it. We have compiled a pretty great roundup of both new and vintage, so have at it.

1. Blue & White Canister | 2. Chinoiserie Capital Pitcher | 3. Vintage Porcelain Vessel | 4. Double Gourd Vase | 5. Perched Bird Salad Plate | 6. Lidded Ginger Jar | 7. Porcelain Antique Japanese Plate | 8. Chinoiserie Bud Vase | 9. Blue Tree Bowl | 10. Peacock Vase | 11. Blue & White Ginger Jar | 12. Black Willow Dinner Plate Set of 4 | 13. Hourglass Table Vase | 14. Large Chinese Botanical Bowl | 15. Vintage Ginger Jar | 16. Ceramic Umbrella Stand | 17. Traditional Cachepot | 18. Square Porcelain Tea Canister | 19. Floral Globe Vase | 20. Rose Chinese Umbrella Stand | 21. Vintage Ceramic Planter

Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 101
image source

Alright, so there you have it. All the chinoiserie products you could ever want or need. JK, but it’s a pretty great place to start. And while you learned to keep it simple with chinoiserie, I can now easily spell a long French word without spellcheck. It’s a win for everyone. Also, we would LOVE to see if anyone takes the leap and adds this style into their home. If you do, snap a picture for Instagram and make sure to hashtag #showEMyourstyled so we can see (and we just may feature you on her feed). Another win-win. I would say it’s a Winning Wednesday. 🙂 Okay, I’m really done now.

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