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Even though Halloween has come and gone, there may still be something spooky and creepy-crawly lurking in your house! It isn’t monsters, ghosts, or even the Bogeyman… it’s spiders! Spiders are always looking for ways to get inside, especially this time of year. It’s getting cold out there, and the warmth of your house is growing more attractive by the day!

But on the bright side, there are some quick and easy ways to defend your home against the rising tide of eight-legged pests! One way is to whip up the simple, all-natural spider spray I’ll be sharing with you today! This spray not only works to drive spiders off, it can also kill them on contact. In addition to the spray, I’ll also be sharing a few bonus tips that will help you get rid of spiders!

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killing spiders

How To Make A Spider Spray To Get Rid Of Spiders



killing spiders

Pour all ingredients into a 16-ounce spray bottle and replace the spray top. Shake the bottle a few times to mix the ingredients.

To use, spray around doorways, windows, and other places where spiders may be getting in. You can also spray it directly on spiders to kill them.

killing spiders

How The Spider Spray Works

This versatile spray works on several levels to help deter and kill spiders. Firstly, spiders are overwhelmed by the smell of essential oils, making EOs an effective and natural spider deterrent! Secondly, the white vinegar contains acetic acid, which can kill spiders on contact. And finally, adding a bit of dish soap to the mixture helps break up the oil and water so they mix more readily.

If you’d prefer not to actually kill spiders with this spray, feel free to leave the vinegar out! Even without vinegar it will still help get rid of spiders.

killing spiders

6 Bonus Tips For Dealing With Spiders

1. Vacuum Cobwebs – If you spot spider webs or cobwebs anywhere around your house, vacuum them up as soon as possible.

2. Seal Cracks – Seal up any cracks, holes, nooks, and crannies that could be allowing spiders to enter your home. Check your window screens to make sure there aren’t any tears or gaps.

3. Lights Off – If you have outdoor lights, turn them off at night. The light attracts bugs that spiders love to snack on, so keeping the light off will make your house less of a target.

4. Cut Back – Trim or cut back unruly vegetation around your house. This could include ivy, overgrown shrubs, and trees, which could all serve as great hiding spots for spiders.

5. Clean Up – Don’t leave out leftovers or any other food. Food and crumbs can attract a number of insects, including spiders. And make sure to sweep and vacuum your floors regularly!

6. Safe Storage – Opt for plastic storage bins over cardboard boxes. They’re much harder for spiders to get into, making it less likely that your stored stuff will become a spider haven.

How do you deal with spiders in your house?

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