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Welcome to a little change in the next few weeks where I’ve given the blog over to some amazing bloggers who want to share their ideas and tips with you on creating a lovely home. I would really appreciate you showing them some love, and if you like what you read, head over to their blogs to discover more amaxing home interior inspiration. 

First up is the fabulous Kara from Innocent Charms Chats who will take you through the process of designing her bedroom. Enjoy!

Redesigning the rooms in our home is one of my favourite past times, years ago I would not plan the process and have many times regretted being a little over enthusiastic, oh, that Blue and Olive Green 50’s Living Room.

Now I follow a process, making sure to take my time researching and living with my ideas before making them a reality.

Our Bedroom is next on the list so I thought I would share how we got to what is going to be our new Pink and Green Botanical Bedroom Design.

Credit: Living Colour Style

Creating a Sanctuary

After having such varied Bedroom styles and colours it came to me at the beginning of the year that I needed our Bedroom to be a calm and serene place.

Through colours and patterns I Ionged to create a sanctuary that after the very busy day of raising three small children I would be able to go to and let my mind de clutter and feel rejuvenated (I maybe expecting too much). Something our current room does not achieve at all.

Current bedroom

First Thoughts

All those months ago I had decided on a scheme of Rose Pinks and Pales Blues, very similar to Pantone colours of the year 2016 with Copper accents. I knew I wanted florals to come into the room but I wanted to have an industrial feel to the furniture that it dressed.

Now I think back that would have all been too harsh to achieve the serenity I wished for and I think subconsciously that is why the room never left the mood board stage.


After a trip to the Ideal Home Show in March our perfect Bedroom plan started coming together.

As we walked around the show I knew pink would still feature heavily in our bedroom, as it does most of our home, it’s my happy colour. I had already started changing the copper accent to brass following some cage light purchases for our bedsides from Wayfair.

But then we stumbled across the Good Homes roomsets and in particular the Botanical Bedroom, I knew that Green would be the colour to replace Blue.

This was quite odd, as by the most part Green never features in Style for me, neither in Fashion or Interiors, but everything I was being drawn to was Green and after seeing the Bedroom I knew it would offer me the feeling of relaxation which I was craving.

Pink and Green is an excellent colour combination, after all they are complementary colours on the colour wheel, it is just about getting the shades right.

The first thing I always do when wanting room inspiration is head to Pinterest and Instagram, that is where I found a M&S Homes shoot styled by The Oda for their new Botanical Bedding.

My first thought was to have Plain Bedding so that I could bring in Pattern in with accessories and cushions but when I saw the shoot my mind was changed.

I loved all the elements of the way the shoot was styled, the room instantly makes you feel everything I wanted to achieve and had many elements of what we were already planning, like our reclaimed pallet Headboard that my Husband has nearly completed.

Making A MoodBoard

So as I said above once I have decided on a colour scheme, or I have been inspired I start to research, I have found in the past when I just start buying on a whim it does not always go to plan, like our current Bedroom, when I fell in love with those wall stickers above our bed.

I spend time making sure the main elements of my room are decided upon and then I make a Mood Board of either images or items that I would like to fill the room with and then live with that board for at least a month making changes as I go, it also gives my Husband a chance to see what my brain is imagining.

As well as putting together colours and items I always try to list out at least 3 goals I want the room to achieve.

So that’s where we are at now in our room redesign, it has been a couple of months in mood board stage and I have made some changes which mean we are now ready to go ahead. Although we can not paint our walls due to being in rented accommodation I know that through fabrics and furniture we hopefully will achieve our desired look on our tight budget.

I would love to know how you plan your rooms when you want a fresh new look, I am always looking for ways to improve.


Kara is a busy Mum to 3 who has blogged at Innocent Charms Chats for the past 11 years where you can find a wide variety of content sharing her main passion of Interiors and a love of Upcycling, Vintage and Colour.

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