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The black and white elements and the graphic rug in the living room speak to the flooring and pendants in the kitchen.

*This bathroom series is in partnership with Lowe’s.  All opinions and selections are my own.

Creating cohesive spaces is imperative to great home design.  Whether it’s the living room that’s open to the kitchen like ours above or the bathroom attached to the bedroom, spaces that flow feel good.  Now, to some this may sound like they should be similar, painted the same color and filled with matching elements.  But I believe the best ones aren’t.

The kids’ bathrooms have been a slow-moving project for us.  Being spaces we adults don’t use often, it could be easy to put little thought into the design and how they relate to the rest of the house.  Knowing me, they won’t be shy, but I also want them to “go” with the rest of our home.  People tend to end up at one extreme or the other when they renovate.  The newly updated space either looks exactly like the other rooms in their home or it looks nothing like any of the other rooms; a jarring effect upon entrance.  I strive to make each space have it’s own pizazz while still maintaining a similar vibe.  Elements that recall other places in the house are important to great flow.

The rug in our master speaks to the wallpaper in the adjoining sunroom.  The pop of red in the little boy’s portrait does too.

Whenever I start a new space I like to consider the following questions.

How do you want the room to feel?  How does it need to function?

What is the main color, and where else do you have that in your home?  If you don’t have a color in mind, start looking at secondary colors in the rooms around it and see if one of those might feel good as the primary color in this space.

What elements can you mimic from other spaces?  Fixture finishes, tile choices, woodwork, stain and paint colors?  

Xander’s room is very traditional in color and elements.  There’s lot of color, but it’s a good-sized space.  His bathroom is very small.  To not compete with his room it will be going neutral.  I want to keep things classic and utilitarian.  We’re coming from carpet and FRP, so I’m going the opposite extreme and tiling the entire thing.  Every square inch can be hosed down if necessary.  A boy mom’s dream!  I’m going really traditional with the tile for a look that works well in tight quarters and also speaks to the kitchen floors and many of the accents throughout our home: black and white.

Photo by Justin Salem Meyer.

When it comes to the girls’ bath I want to hold nothing back.  I love the idea of giving them a jewel box: a space that is bold, glamorous, and beautiful.  My girls are strong, energetic, emotional, and fun.  I want them to have a bathroom that lets them feel all the feels.  I think back to how much time I spent in my bathroom growing up.  Some of my strongest memories are in my childhood bathroom.  Milly is 6 and Domino is almost 2, but before I know it they’ll be 16 and 12.  A lot of firsts happen in a girl’s bathroom.  A lot of primping and prepping.  Crying and laughing.  I want to give them a bathroom they’ll never forget.

There will be a lot of very bold choices in their space.  A strong, geometric floor, bold, patterned shower curtains, walls sweet enough to eat, and shiny finishes to bring the glitz.  While some of the choices will feel modern, many of the details will be traditional in shape and finish.  We’ll be doing a treatment on the walls that mimics the paneling in our living room.  We’re going to be taking our kitchen tile and hacking it into a new pattern for the floor.  And the wall color and trim work will be pulled from the girls’ room.  The bathroom is not directly off of Milly and Domino’s room, but I want those spaces to really speak to each other.


We have finally gotten through the rough in parts of the bathrooms, and I’m so excited to be getting onto the pretty parts!  I’ll have an update soon!  In the meantime, I’d love to hear any additional tips you have for creating a cohesively designed home.





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