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There are few things I love in this world as much as a soft, fuzzy throw blanket. I have a small collection of them that I keep in a basket by my favorite recliner chair in the living room. That way, whenever the urge strikes, there’s always a cozy blanket within arm’s reach. 🙂 (It’s a good thing I’ve never been a big fan of taking naps, because those cozy throws could put anyone to sleep!)

And it seems that my son’s girlfriend’s dog Kona loves a good throw blanket as much as I do! Kell brought Kona up with him when he visited over Christmas, and I was happy to let Kona snuggle up next to my blanket for a while. Once they had gone back home, I thought I’d wash the blanket to make sure it was free of any lingering dog hair. And that’s when it hit me—I couldn’t remember the last time I’d cleaned any of my throw blankets!

That obviously wasn’t a great sign, so I decided to brush up on my knowledge of exactly how to clean throw blankets. And that’s what I’ll be sharing with you today! I’ll tell you how often we should all be cleaning our throws, and I’ll share exactly how to do it safely. With proper care and cleaning, you can ensure that your favorite throw blankets stay clean, soft, and cozy for as long as possible! 🙂


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How Often Should I Wash My Throw Blankets?

On average, you should aim to wash your throw blankets about once a month. But if your throw blankets frequently come into contact with food or pets, you might want to do it more frequently. (Once every two weeks should do it!)

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How To Wash A Throw Blanket

The safest route for cleaning your throw blankets is to follow any care instructions included on the tag. If your blanket doesn’t have a tag, or the tag doesn’t include care instructions, try this:

  1. Wash your blanket alone.
  2. Select a short, delicate cycle along with cold water.
  3. Use a small amount of normal liquid detergent in the wash cycle. (If you use too much detergent, it’s unlikely that your washer will be able to rinse it all out of the blanket. You can always run an extra rinse cycle to be safe, if your washer has that option.)
  4. Don’t use fabric softener. Many delicate and synthetic fibers aren’t meant to be used with fabric softeners, and it may actually make the blanket less soft over time.

This method is gentle enough for most types of throw blankets. (And yes, that includes minky blankets too!)

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How To Dry A Throw Blanket

The safest way to dry a throw blanket is to just hang it out to air-dry. This is the only way to guarantee that your blanket maintains its shape and stays snag-free. But keep in mind that it could take a LONG time for your blanket to dry completely this way!

A speedier option is to dry it partway in your dryer. Use a no-heat or low-heat setting, then take the blanket out when it’s about 80% dry. Hang it up somewhere out of the way and allow it to dry completely.

Do you have a favorite throw blanket at home?

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