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Welcome to Week Six of the One Room Challenge – The exciting final reveal!  My husband and I are thrilled with our newly remodeled great room.  I was happy to say goodbye to the 90’s jewel tones and Hello to 2018’s navy, caramel and creams.

One Room Challenge – The Final Reveal

Come on in and tour our home in Columbus, Ohio.   I hope you enjoy looking through this dramatic makeover.  The before and after pictures say it all.  I’d love for you to leave a comment below and let me now where you reside.

I took on the challenge of remodeling our great room which is large.  It’s 22 x 29 feet!   To make it cozy, I created three separate living areas.   Follow along to see how we redid each area.

Game Table Corner | Before & After

One corner of our great room houses a dining table that we use as a game table for playing cards or board games.   It’s also ideal for additional seating when entertaining.

I love the striped fabric on the chairs.  It’s crisp and clean looking.

I selected an open chandelier so it didn’t block our beautiful view of the outdoors.

We also decided to forgo any window treatments.  We live on a golf course and there is a substantial amount of wooded area between the fairway and our home so we don’t need the privacy.

Reading Nook Corner | Before & After

Every weekend you will find us in this corner of our great room where we enjoy having our coffee and reading the paper.  The caramel color chairs and ottoman lightened up this area immensely.One Room Challenge - Great Room - Reading Area Before & After Pic

Island Update

One Room Challenge - Great Room - Bar Stools

When we purchased our house, this area was just a knee wall that divided the kitchen from the great room.  My genius husband came up with the idea to create this fabulous counter for additional serving space.  We use this area every time we entertain!  This is where we serve appetizers and hang out.

Our bar stool cushions were previously a boring green fabric.  This wild geometric design livens up this island.

One Room Challenge - Great Room - Bar Stools

TV Area | Before & After

Neutral walls, re-upholstered furniture and newly finished hardwood floors were the clean slate I needed to put the finishing touches on our great room.  Our Oriental rugs were in great condition.  We had them cleaned, replaced the fringe, and added new pads for extra cushion.  They look fabulous on the wood floors.Great Room Final Reveal - One Room Challenge

Throw pillows add pops of color and another level of design.  New lamp shades updated my existing lamps.

One Room Challenge - Great Room - Final Reveal

A few years ago we converted our fireplace to a ventless fireplace.  We love how it warms up the room.

During the winter months I face our slipper chairs towards each other to create a chaise lounge.   It’s the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the fireplace.  I just place a throw where the two chairs meet.One Room Challenge - Fireplace Chairs

One Room Challenge - Great Room - Final Reveal

Accessorizing – Personal Mementos are the Finishing Touch

Our home is a collection of wonderful memories and mementos.  It’s what turns a house into a home.  What I enjoy more than anything is pulling these personal mementos together in a creative and stylish way.

Personal Mementos - One Room Challenge

In this vignette we incorporated a chest and lamp from my mother-in-law.  They are classic pieces.

The stack of books are from our travels overseas.  My husband made the ceramic elephant when he was a child.  And the oil painting belonged to my Uncle and I had it reframed.

Fireplace Mantel | Before & After
Fireplace Before & After - One Room Challenge

New artwork and accessories brought my mantel current.  The pair of horns are so trendy, yet they are over 30+ years old where they graced my uncle’s coffee table.

Frame It!

I’m on a first name basis with my framer!  I love creating one of a kind accents for my home.  One of my favorites is my father-in-law’s flag which I had framed as a surprise for my husband.

One Room Challenge - Updating Artwork

Other items that I have framed include a pencil etching of my grandfather’s name on the wall at Ellis Island and a picture of my hand with my 100 year old grandmother and my mom.   It reminds me of how blessed I am to have had these two women in my life.

A stained glass lamp that my uncle made also graces the table.  He was a gifted artist!

The binoculars are for my wild life sightings which are many!

Wild life in my backyard

Family Photos

Because of the scale of our great room, I used a dining table as my sofa table.  I have always had a collection of family photos on display.  As part of the remodel, we updated the frames.  We went completely clear with acrylic frames placed on acrylic easels.  I love how the photos float and give a clean look, even from behind.  I especially like how they add a contemporary flair to old photos.

One Room Challenge Final Reveal | Photo Gallery

Keeping Sentimental Gifts

This globe was a gift I gave to my husband when we were dating.  He had become my world then and still is today!  Between the windows, entertainment center and fireplace, we have very little wall space to display artwork and accessories.  I decided it was okay to float this sentimental globe on a pedestal in front of a window.

One Room Challenge - Globe for game night

Making Room for a Larger TV

My husband’s main request in this remodeling was that he wanted a larger tv.   The problem was that we had a built-in cabinet that housed our tv and stereo.  But where there is a will, there is a way!  We hired the carpenter that built our cabinet 20 years ago to come out and retrofit the cabinet to go from a 44 inch tv to a new 65 inch tv.Making Room for a Larger TV

Styling Bookshelves

Styling bookshelves isn’t an easy task.  It requires a lot of trial and error.   I incorporated personal mementos to give our shelves meaning.  Everything but the plant has a sentimental value to either me or my husband.

One Room Challenge - Styling Bookshelves

Baskets and Trays for Staying Organized

A leather tray keeps my flowers, candles and coasters orderly.  A tray on my ottoman stores some magazines, books and reading glasses.

I also love using baskets like this seagrass one to store our throws.

One Room Challenge - Great Room - Seagrass basket for throws (1 of 1)

Decorating with Plants and Fresh Flowers

Every room can use a touch of greenery and fresh flowers are a wonderful addition when entertaining.

Plants make the room come alive!   As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted something different than the fig trees which are so popular.  I love the look of them and my local nursery had dozens of gorgeous fig trees but I wanted something more unique.   Off in the corner of the greenhouse, I noticed this lonely Bird of Paradise and I knew it would add the perfect pop of color.

One Room Challenge - Adding plants to the room

I have always been obsessed with flowers – both in my home and in my garden.  They make me happy!

The rectangular vase below is one of my favorite ways to display fresh flowers.  It was a housewarming gift from a dear friend who has since passed away.  The metal plate that sits on top of the base has holes which are so helpful in arranging flowers, especially top heavy ones such as these Leucospermu.

Decorating with fresh flowers

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and were in my wedding bouquet.   I love the collection of dainty flowers creating one large hydrangea ball.  I like layering vases with trays or platters to make a statement.

Lastly, I fell in love with this feathery baby kale.  I paired it with some greenery and it is one of my favorite floral arrangements.

Love this baby kale!

Additional Inspiration

It’s been a fun journey and I want to give a special thanks to Linda of Calling it Home who graciously invited bloggers to join her One Room Challenge.

I also want to acknowledge Better Homes & Gardens for helping to promote this wonderful event.  Thank you BH&G!


One Room Challenge Logo 2018

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and head on over to the One Room Challenge site to see the other participants final reveals.

Thank you joining me on this remodeling adventure.



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