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The slight chill in the morning air here in the NW suggests that fall is indeed on its way! That makes me endlessly happy, of course (I’m a true fall-lover) but I’m really not in a big hurry to say good-bye to summer. I know many of you are also still wrapping up summer and enjoying every minute of it, too!

Yet I do love fall and am so excited to get Fall Nesting underway!

As my regular readers know very well, one of my great joys is evolving the feel of my home with gradual shifts of the season.

I have often shared my personal feeling that seasonal changes in your home do not need to make you feel like you got whiplash from taking your home from summer to fall decor so fast your head spins.

For me, fall is not a decorate-in-a-day by bringing out all the plastic bins of fall decor to cover every surface kind of experience.

It’s totally fine to go all out with your decor in a day, of course, if that’s what you enjoy the most. But it’s just never been how I like to roll.

I’m a slow and gradual, take my time to savor it, experience all of the senses, one texture, one new layer at a time kind of gal.

With the chill in the air now as I wake up and the need to put on socks to walk through the house to begin the day, I started making a fall playlist to set a cozy fall state-of-mind.

Because in my world, even though pumpkins may not find their way to my porch until October, it is never too soon to start getting in the mood for FALL NESTING, ya know? That’s happening.

What mood do you want to set for your home this fall? A cozy playlist just might inspire you. I’ll share my fall playlist, below.

Have you made any changes in your home to usher in the fall season?

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