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I’ve mentioned before that my favorite color to use outside in flowers is purple.  There’s something about it that feels calming and beautiful against greens and whites, the foundations of our landscape.  Because we have so much concrete in the backyard, I’ve always felt the need to have LOTS of pots during the warmer months.  In the beginning I had them spread out to distract your eye from the cold, hardscapes and things that needed freshening up.  As our backyard has transformed and the ivy we planted around the fence has grown, I’ve felt less need to have pots spread out all over.  So this year I decided to create a focal point using pots.  It’s a fun look that adds a burst of interest in front of the air conditioner disguised by a lattice cover my dad made and watering in one spot is much easier than moving all over the backyard from pot to pot.  I got some questions about what plants I used on Instagram, so I thought I’d answer here.  I initially planned to just put one kind of plant in each pot, but I worked with what I purchased, the pots I had, and just kind of eyeballed a mix of single specimens and combinations of things.

As the plants take off in the next few weeks, I know I’ll love the look even more!  Here’s a breakdown of the flowers in the picture below, clockwise.  The tallest purple in Salvia surrounded by Verbena.  The maroon flowers are Salvia.  The little white flowers on the deck are so sweet and one of my favorites: Lobelia.  The leggy beauties are Butterfly Pincushions.  The greenery is Asparagus Fern, surrounded by Sweet Alyssum.  The icy green foliage is Dusty Miller.  Petunias are at the forefront, next to some more Verbena.  Some more Dusty Miller is mixed with Snapdragons, and you can see a geranium poking out on the end.  I try to stuff the tags of flowers I’m not familiar with in the side of the pot somewhere for future reference.  It’s important for caring for them too!

I’d love to hear what kind of annuals you potted this year!




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