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From time to time, we’re asked to check out new products and we always perk up when the product enhances what’s already in our homes. When Soraa Home reached out to us to let us know their professional lightning technology was now available to everyone with their new line of full spectrum LED light bulbs, we were excited to see them in action. Soraa has made a name for itself as a leader in the commercial lighting world — using innovative technology to light some of the best and brightest spaces in the museum, gallery and retail worlds.

The technology we’re talking about comes down to this: standard LED bulbs have major color gaps and that means the light they cast tends to add a flat, dull luminance that skews the colors in the spaces where they’re used. The newly available Soraa Radiant LED bulbs bring colors to a whole new level because of their full (color) spectrum technology that fills in all of those color gaps, allowing the hues to really come to life — especially two of our favorites, reds and pinks.

I popped my Soraa Radiant bulb into the sole cone pendant light that illuminates our dining room table (when covered!)/painting table. The pendant is at a height that allows light to spill onto any art we choose to place there. We hung one of our favorite portraits filled with pink and salmon hues to see how the Soraa Home Radiant bulb worked the whole color gap situation. Let’s just say, “Wow.” Suddenly we were able to see the master stokes of the painter and his use of color and light, not just on the figure itself, but on the moody background, too. The piece literally glows.

Even our mini-bouquet from the yard had noticeable new dimensions. Since my daughter and I do painting exercises at this table, we’re were super excited to see our gouache and finished work in a whole new light! Pun intended.

The kitchen is another area where the Soraa Radiant light is a very welcome addition. Swapping out our standard LED bulbs in the two-bulb ceiling fixture above our center island made such a difference. Working with the colorful produce of the season is always a pleasure, but seeing our strawberries and backyard bouquets awash with that full-spectrum light took it to a whole new level of visual satisfaction. It’s a feast for the eyes and we’ve been cooking a lot more.

We’re so thrilled that the Soraa Radiant bulbs are now available to the general public at a price point that’s affordable, considering the life of the product and the light it produces to illuminate our homes. We also tried out the Soraa Healthy bulbs in the bedroom. Soraa Healthy has eliminated that pesky blue light that wreaks havoc on our sleep. The room or area where the Soraa Healthy bulbs are used becomes a space devoid of blue light and creates a place to truly relax and get sleepy. And the bulbs are dimmable!

Thanks so much to Soraa Home for reaching out and sharing their products with us!

This post is brought to you by Soraa Home. All words and opinions are our own. As always, thanks for supporting and learning more about our sponsors who help us bring you original content every day. We love the Soraa Radiant & Soraa Healthy bulbs and hope you do too! Learn more about Soraa Home and their full-spectrum LED technology here.

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