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You know that feeling when you see a design that truly resonates with you and your jaw pretty much drops straight to the floor? We’re always strivin’ for that feeling (and to evoke it through our product, too). These photographs, snapped by Justina during her global adventures, are doin’ it for us!

Check out the intricate, awe-inspiring, all-around-epic staircases that radiate beauty through their vibrant colors. These hues are giving us all sorts of boho vibes – we thought it would make for some ideal interior paint inspo. Peep these palettes and see which colors speak to your soul…

This is one incredible stairway! The mix of materials makes it super unique. Plus, the pops of vibrant teal against the otherwise neutral palette is a rockin’ way to add a lil’ splash of color into your neutral abode.
Benjamin Moore: Palm Coast Teal | Pumice Stone | Dune White | Ocean Floor

Bring home the look:
Black Clay Planter
Padma Rust Pillow
Stella Mia Pillow by Justina Blakeney®
Ceramic Buddha

This marvelous mix of colors is both bold and muted. The deep blue & clay totally balances the pops of leafy green and warm gold. This would be an epic palette for a sunroom or patio – especially when you add in all the planties!

Benjamin Moore: Juniper Green | Bold Blue | Golden Archway | Savannah Clay

Bring home the look:
Rico Clay Pillow by Justina Blakeney®
Indigo Grid Pillow by Justina Blakeney®
Cotton Summer Throw
Funnel Planter and Base

These motifs and bright, vivid blues are giving off some coastal vibes! The blue hues remind us of open seas, and the pop of yellow is the perfect lil’ touch of sunshine.

Benjamin Moore: Dream I Can Fly | Paddington Blue | White Violet | Yellow Tone

Bring home the look:
Malmo Pouf
Ascend Print by Justina Blakeney®
Ayo Pillow by Justina Blakeney®
Himaya Quilt Set by Justina Blakeney®

What a cozy color mixture of berry tones, pale sage green and warm, buttery yellow. This palette is giving us fresh, sweet, inviting vibes – and we’re lovin’ it!

Benjamin Moore: Caribbean Sunset | Night Flower | Tea Light | Da Vinci’s Canvas

Bring home the look:
Blush Ombre Fela Tassel Chandelier by Justina Blakeney®
Mulberry Harlequin Pillow by Justina Blakeney®
The Leila Pillow by Justina Blakeney®
Orion Hanging Star Lantern

Digging this idea? Grab a brush & a fresh can of paint and make some colorful magic happen in your space. There’s a lil’ message we found with the symbolism of the stairs, too. They can be a rad reminder to keep climbing toward the top – whatever the top may look like for you – and to enjoy the stunning, colorful, unexpected journey along the way, y’all!


Kelly GreenwoodKelly Greenwood

Digital Designer at Jungalow and longtime lover of botanicals, color + festivity!

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