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Just two hours north of New York City, Gather Greene is a nature retreat located in the Hudson Valley featuring all-in-one cabins designed by Lushna. The Lushna Petite Reflect cabins could be considered mini hotel rooms in the woods decked out with just about everything one would need for some rest and relaxation. The retreat houses 17 cabins that have their own decks, a king size bed, bathroom, closet with a large mirror, mini fridge, and coffee maker. To top it off, they each have air conditioning and heating so they can be enjoyed year-round.

Each cabin offers a view of the surrounding area through a large picture window behind the bed. The side walls are solid to ensure privacy between cabins.

The Brooklinen sheets and towels elevate the comfort level beating out a sleeping bag any day.

Built-in nooks offer convenience and easy-to-access storage by the bed and in the main space to hold the beverage station.

A large mirror is mounted between the doors to the shower and to the toilet/sink/vanity side allowing you to enjoy views from bed without having to crane your neck. Behind the mirror is a wardrobe to store your clothes, along with a mini fridge.

Photos by Kelsey Anne Rose.

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