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I started painting the light fixture in my “office” this week.

I’ve been wanting to paint it black for several months but I kept putting it off because I could never find enough time to do it. I finally just decided that was never going to happen and that I should just paint a little bit at a time and deal with a partially painted fixture for a while instead. Hence the not-totally-done-yet paint job in the photo above. I’ve worked on it for about 15 minutes the last three days in a row and just seeing it changing keeps me motivated to climb back up there and work on it for a bit when I can.

Still need to mount another corbel in the other corner of that wide doorway there too. That project is harder to little by little, and involves wrangling my busy husband. Did I tell you he decided to go back to school? Yep. He sent in his application to Liberty University in December and starts his first class on January 14th. He’s initially working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion with a specialization in Apologetics. He’s been passionately studying those things, day in and day out, here at home for the past several years, so it’s incredibly fun to know he’s going to have the chance to connect with other people who share the same passion too!

And what a trip to know so many people who are connected to Liberty University in some way! I mentioned that Kevin was going to school there in my Insta-stories a couple of weeks ago and my inbox was flooded with direct messages from people who had either gone there, are going there, or have children who are going there. Good to know it’s such a popular school!

Like 94,000 of the 110,000 students, he’ll be taking his classes online from the comfort of our home here in Alabama, but Kevin sure would like to catch a Liberty Flames football game in Virginia later this year.

Anybody else out there attend Liberty? Or live near Lynchburg? I love searching real estate listings, so I had some fun snooping around online to see what was on the market in middle Virginia. Again, not because we’re moving, but just because I love historic houses….and look at this beauty I found!

The home, which was built c. 1749, is located in Howardsville, a small village with a strong sense of history and community, at the confluence of the James and Rockfish rivers.

Looks like the river is across the road in front of the house:

It’s listed for $285,900 and features wide pine floors, exposed brick walls, fireplaces with original mantels, clapboard siding and a standing-seam metal roof.

The kitchen reminds me of my friend @WhiteFlowerFarmhouse’s:

Which, by the way, used to look like this before they renovated it:

Here are a few more photos of the space today:

Isn’t it lovely?

Anywho…off to paint a little more of that light fixture before I jump on a conference call. Hope you have a fun and refreshing weekend!


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