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The leaves on one of my houseplants started to look quite dull.  I researched what I could do to spruce them up and was shocked at the simple trick it took to take the leaves from dull to shiny.

Jazz Up Your Houseplants with This Simple Trick

The shocking ingredient to shining up these dull leaves is mayonnaise.  Yes, you read that right.  Mayonnaise, right out of your fridge!  Just rub a little on a paper towel and wipe on each leaf, putting your hand behind the leaf for support as you wipe.  It’s that simple.

So grab a paper towel, some mayo and go to town cleaning your leaves.  (I also wore some disposal kitchen gloves).

How to transform your dull houseplants into a stunning plant

Turn your dull houseplants into a shiny stunning plant

I read that this is what many florists and nurseries do to keep their plants looking their best.  It certainly made a difference on my houseplant in my foyer.

Pruning Houseplants

You will also notice in the “after” picture that I pruned my houseplant as it was growing a bit wild.  Don’t throw away those stems when pruning!  Stick them in a vase with water for a pretty burst of color on your counter.  Below is a photo of my pruned stems in a vase on our bar.

When pruning houseplants, keep stems for a pop of color


Do you have a favorite way to spruce up your houseplants?

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