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*This project is in partnership with Lowe’s.  All selections, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

Our next remodel has been over a year in the making, and I’m so excited to announce the space we’re making over: the laundry room!

I’m always taken aback when someone says to me “you all are done renovating your house, right?”  I forget that I mainly share the spaces we’ve made our own and leave out the ones that don’t have our personal touch yet.  We still have several rooms I can’t wait to get my hands on, and the laundry room is one that looks the same as it did they day we moved in.  It’s right off the kitchen, which we renovated several years ago.  While it didn’t bother me much when then, the minute the kitchen was finished it looked so sad and tired!  That’s the thing about renovation, the way you feel about spaces become relative to the ones next to them.

This 10×5′ space has had to play more than just a laundry room.  Our home was built in the 80’s, so there is no mudroom.  No space to coral “stuff.”  It not only has to clean clothes, it needs to feed the dog, act as a butler’s pantry, and contain the pool towels and cleaning supplies.  This needs to be much more than a laundry room.  Right now there isn’t a whole lot that is super functional.  The washer and dryer stick out further than the cabinets, making a narrow space even tighter.  As Hank has grown, it has become even more tricky to squeeze him to the back of the room for dinner or a drink.  While there is some cabinet storage that I have been grateful for, there could be so much more.  And at 5’8″ I have trouble reaching anything in those upper cabinets hence the bottles on the tops of the machines.  Aesthetically speaking, it’s not a room I love to be in.  The walls are beige but lean towards orange.  The big window could let in a lot of light, but is covered by dated treatments.  The cat door was certainly functional for someone else, but we don’t have a feline friend, and at 95 pounds Hank couldn’t even fit his head through it if he wanted to.

Like so many of my favorite renovations, we’re teaming up with Lowe’s to get the right look and products at the right price.  I’m thrilled for this space to feel like the rest of the house – with its own special details and strong moments of color too.  I’ll be back soon with the plans and how we’re tackling the details!




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