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Welcome back, friends, to another installation of The Link Up. Another week has come and gone too fast (or maybe not fast enough? It’s up to you to decide). This week, we dove into the REAL cost of buying a house in LA, (if you haven’t read Bowser’s actual experience on this yet, run don’t walk), finished a REALLY fun video shoot at the mountain house, and of course experienced some heartbreak over the end of this season of The Bachelorette. As for today, we are very happy to be back to pass along what we’ve been doing, reading, buying, and ultimately itching to share this week. And as always, we want to hear all of your latest recommendations in the comments, too. Let’s get straight to it:

First up, Emily (and the rest of the team) highly recommend checking out Sara Sherman Samuel’s new pillow and rug collection at Lulu & Georgia. It is fantastic and just what we needed in our lives. Emily particularly loves this rug, this pillow and this other rug.

If you are a planner like Veronica, Timepage is THE go-to calendar app. She uses it every day and says it makes planning easy and fun with its sleek design layout, weather updates, schedule reminders, + everything that you would need to keep your life on track. The full version costs a yearly fee, but if you thrive on planning out your life like she does, she promises it is worth it.

Jess has been waiting for her huge pack of drying sheets to run out so she could buy these Five.Two  Dryer Balls. Not only do they come in her ideal color palette but more importantly they are fair trade, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and last for 1,000 loads of laundry. 

Slooooowly but surely Julie is getting back into running and has been eyeing this beautiful pair of shoes from Hoka. Beautiful running shoes = experienced marathon runner…right?

Ryann recently discovered The Outnet (a little late in the game, she knows) and has since checked the site every day for new finds. The other day, she saw these crushed velvet mules and has not stopped thinking about them since. The real question is: Should she buy?? We say yes.

Emily B. is using this article on earthquake safety by Don’t Ask Do to start organizing emergency kits/plans after the (kinda scary honestly) quakes a couple weeks ago when she realized SHE LITERALLY HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO AND STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROOM SAYING “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO” OVER AND OVER AGAIN PROBABLY ISN’T IT. 

Mallory likes to pretend she works out more than she does so she’s getting more into “sporty attire.” Her favorite (and most comfortable) sweatshirt is this Urban Outfitters exclusive hoodie which she likes to wear with high-waisted leggings and Nikes for a real athletic look. It also doubles as a great travel hoodie (she just confirmed this on the plane last week when the EHD team went to Salt Lake City).

Caitlin just moved into a new apartment with roughly one million windows (facing north, east, and south—she is very, very lucky) and now she’s finding herself spending her nights stalking stained glass pieces on Etsy to make the most of the light that presents itself. So far, her favorite piece is this super modern suncatcher from Bespoke Glass. These hanging pill shapes are is so cool, but they also offer pieces shaped like circles, triangles, and hexagons.

This hair treatment mask SAVED Chandler’s hair. She uses it as a conditioner twice a week and says it works wonders, especially if you love to highlight your hair like she does. It is a little pricey, but lasts a long time and is just flat out worth it. She has short and fine hair, and will use up about two containers a year. 

Velinda discovered a new Kombucha and her affinity for it is pretty much in its name: Better Booch. It really is just better and she is a fan.

Every time Arlyn tells people that she makes her own almond milk (she swears it’s EXPONENTIALLY better than store-bought, particularly when heated for coffee), people look at her like she’s doing alchemy. Here’s what she wants everyone to know: “Okay, it’s ridiculously easy. I do it about two times a week before work in about 5 minutes. First, you soak your almonds or whatever nut you prefer (cashews are particularly good) in some water overnight. The next morning, just rinse, throw into your blender with 4x the water (I do ½ cup of almond milk which lasts me about 4 days with 2 cups of filtered water), blend for a few minutes, then strain. The nut milk bag (I can’t say that with a straight face) is KEY here. I use this one from Amazon because it’s super easy to rinse and clean and fits a lot of milk if you make a larger batch. Once it’s all squeezed (I just squeeze it right into a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup with a spout), I pour into a glass milk jar (I’ve used these for the last two years) and store in the fridge. It keeps for about a week so I tend to only make quantities I can get through in that time.” See? Easy peasy.

Speaking of which, Sara got to cooking this weekend and made homemade pasta from this book (amongst so many other things, she is our resident chef/baker who routinely brings us homemade treats which WE LOVE). After trying for herself, she insists that homemade pasta is actually really easy, it just takes a little desire to try! 

Lastly, Emily’s friend Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo sent the office the most DELICIOUS cookies. Their from a company called Ovenly and they make baked vegan goods that taste (dare we say) even better than the “real” stuff. If you are in NY, pop into one of their four bake shops, or order online with nationwide shipping (makes a great gift!).

Okay, that’s all folks. See you around these parts tomorrow. xx

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