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I love Sunday mornings and Sunday mornings in the summer are even more enjoyable.

Getting to sleep in then listen to Smooth Jazz while enjoying a bottomless mug of coffee, waiting for something delish to come out of the oven and reading the Sunday edition of the newspaper all while still in my pj’s.

Although nowadays reading the newspaper is not quite as enjoyable on our iPad and laptop as it was when Ed and I would place a big Sunday paper edition of the local newspaper that weighed 5 pounds in between us on the kitchen table and grab our favorite sections to read first- Me, the Living, Style and Food Sections and Ed – Sports and Headline news.

We would take all morning to go through every inch of the paper, eat a leisurely breakfast and then get on with our day.

With this scenario in mind I thought I would share what I have been up to as well as a few things that inspired me this week in a post I am calling…

Sunday mornings and Summer are a few of the best times to waste time.

I celebrated my 60th!!! birthday a few weeks ago. I have to admit – I have never felt better about all things in my life. I don’t feel like what 60 sounds like it should.

60 feels just like 40 or 50 did to me, except with a huge dose of confidence added in every choice I make now. Plus with kids grown, being my own boss and living where I have always dreamed of has made 60 just fine with me.

Sure, getting older brings changes in many areas, but I am keeping a positive attitude and outlook. The best part about getting older though is…


Ed and I have been spending a lot of time getting to know this little sweetie. We have been putting many miles on our car over the summer between South Carolina and Virginia to be part of Zoe’s life. I love her so much that I want to eat her all up! 🙂

The reason behind why we want to “eat them all up” when we see cute babies.

The next painted finish I would like to try.

Comfort food all grown up

I try to eat as healthy most of the time and made this recipe this week.. It is fast and easy to make, delicious with easy clean-up. My kind of recipe and it is all made on a sheet pan.

All of these are on my bucket list.

What I wear almost everyday to get my 10,000 steps in. I can be hands free! Keys in one pocket and my phone on the other. Genius design.

Reading this now on my Kindle. My friend Gail just lent me her copy of Where the Crawdads Sing. Have you read either book?

10 Ways to DO YOU

This proves it’s true that one person can make a BIG difference.

I receive a lot of new product press releases in my inbox everyday. I thought I would share one with you…

  • What do you think of these Sliding Barn doors. I kind like them, but don’t quite love the pattern on the glass. I wish it was more like the glass on the door of the rental cottage we stayed at when we went to Ireland.
Brown brick floor in foyer of home

And lastly… Remember this project I wrote about doing way back in January? I finally completed it. YAY!!!

I will be posting all about what I did and how easy it was this week. Until then – enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead.

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