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If you want to want to see what’s happening in the world of kitchen design this year, read my kitchen trends 2019 right here.

I’m thrilled to announce that I have partnered with Magnet Kitchens this year to advise on style, design and trends.

And together we’ve created some great designs which I know will appeal to family homes whatever your taste.

We’ve been working behind the scenes for the last few months creating some videos and photo shoots on kitchen trends that we know are going to be popular during 2019. You may have already seen them on social media but I wanted to gather them all in one place so you can browse them at your leisure.

We’ve developed some stunning kitchen looks, some new, some updated for 2019 that really encompass family living without compromising on style.

Watch the videos for ideas on creating this look in your own home, including styling and colour advice.

We hope you love them.

The Top Kitchen Trends 2019 – Magnet Kitchens

Modern Luxury: Luxe Opulence

This modern luxury look is one of moody colours, latte coffee shades and plenty of brass accessories.

It’s decadent and opulent using luxury materials such as velvet and marble to create that luxe look. Magnet Kitchens have used deep forest greens in the cupboards as the base for this look mixed with darker hues too.

This mixed palette kitchen design is very popular and one to look out for for our kitchen trends 2019.

This kitchen is the very popular Integra Soho – an ultra-contemporary design made more modern by the handleless cupboards doors. It’s available in 20 colours from the Magnet Create collection too, all in a sophisticated matt finish.

And my top tip is to not be afraid of using darker colours as your cabinet base. Mix them with lots of reflective surfaces and materials to help the light bounce round the space you won’t feel overpowered by the heavier hues.

Could this luxury look kitchen be for you in your home?

Modern Rustic:

The Modern Rustic look is reminiscent of the country cottage look but it’s had a very sophisticated update for 2019.

As you can see, it’s an eclectic mix of industrial accents with natural textures. The finished look is one of homely comforts, warm colours and inviting materials – this is definitely a kitchen spend time in with family and friends.

This is a space where you can mix modern with vintage.

Keep your aged and well-loved ceramics alongside newer kitchen gadgets and cooking necessities. Bring together the warmth of old and new wood with the rich wine and dark grey hues of the kitchen itself.

Featured in this style is the Dunham kitchen from Magnet,the ideal blend of modern and traditional, masculine and feminine, industrial and household.

It’s totally flexible too, if these colours weren’t your choice, you have 20 to choose from – let your inner interior design loose to create the look that fits you, your family and your home.

Would the Modern Rustic kitchen trend be one for your home?

Modern Monochrome:

The Monochrome look never dates. In fact, it’s had quite a resurgence in recent years with UK’s love of all things Scandianavian in home interiors. But how do we keep this look fresh? How do we reinvent it as one of the kitchen trends 2019?

Well firstly, watch the video to find out:

I love how this design is still relevant this year.

In this look we’ve kept it minimal and sleek but added clever kitchen gadgets and LOTS of matt black accessories. 

Think matt black sink and tap, add in lots of dark, matt accessories too and even a matt black cooker hood.

Sleek, simple lighting and coordinating stools help the room feel uncluttered and streamlined.

In fact, it’s the use of unfussy pieces in this design that help it feel modern and contemporary. Remember to maintain empty spaces to make this look work.

Don’t overfill the kitchen and let the negative space be just as important as the accessories you add. 

This is the sleek Luna kitchen in Matt white, an affordable handleless design which has both understated and stand-out features to add personality to your home.

Could the Modern Monochrome be one of the kitchen trends 2019 that you’ll be adopting for your home?

I’d love to know what you think about these proposed kitchen trends.

I do think there’s something here for everyone, whether you love colour, a minimal design or a more traditional feel to your kitchen.

And remember to adapt the looks, add in your own personality and really bring the look to life with your own personal touches.

Watch out for more kitchen style and design posts coming this year as I work on more features and projects with Magnet Kitchens. 

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Collaborative post with Magnet Kitchens – thank you for supporting the brands that make the blog possible. 

All images copyright Magnet Kitchens

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