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Oh my goodness, I’ve been under the weather and in bed for several days (sinuses, blech!), but I’ve missed blogging so much and I feel like I’ve got enough energy to share a short post and some pictures of our baby here today.

His delight and enthusiasm during this season in particular keeps me smiling even when I’m sick. 🙂

I think winter will always energize him in a unique and special way. Not only because it brings with it the joy of celebrating Jesus, or the excitement of Santa & presents, but because he seems to subconsciously tie it to his very first good memories of being here at home. I don’t know that for sure, but I sure seem to associate winter with the feelings that came along with our first real breakthrough as a family too.

It was actually the end of February of 2017 when the transition turbulence first receded and trust & attachment finally started to settle in. Six months after we came home together in August of 2016. Not a long time in the grand scheme, but I think it was long and hard enough (at the time) to make us all feel extra moved by this season we are so grateful to find ourselves in again.

Truth be told, December and January of 2016 and 2017 (months #4 and #5 post homecoming) were probably the most challenging for the three of us, but I look back at them now, through the lens what was actually happening that first Christmas and how much has changed, and I know that all that turbulence wasn’t the falling apart of us. It was the transformation of us. The coming together of us. And just like a seed- we, too, had to come completely undone together to achieve our greatest expression as a family. That winter, our shell started to crack. Things we held inside came out and everything changed.

To someone who doesn’t understand growth (ourselves very much included at the time) that kind of unfurling can look like complete destruction. But I’m here to tell you- the blooming that starts beneath the surface, the mysterious and messy blooming of a seed, is such an important and meaningful part of the process too.

Be safe and well, friends. I hope to be back on my feet and posting regularly again soon!


PS- All of the incredibly precious photos in this post were taken by sweet Hello Baby Co. If you are in central Alabama and are in the market for family, baby or kiddo pics, we can’t recommend her services highly enough! 🙂

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