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When the IKEA x Virgil Abloh homeware collaboration was revealed last year, we knew the Louis Vuitton Menswear designer and Off-white founder wasn’t going to be designing just another flat pack collection.

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The full collection isn’t due to be released until November 2019. However, at the end of May, we were given a taste of what was to come when the collection was teased with the IKEA 2019 Art Event Virgil Abloh rug.

The grey rug with the slogan ‘KEEP OFF’, priced at £400, sold out in less than an hour online. So we decided we’d give you an extra three months before the launch to peruse this truly bonkers collection, because we can guarantee when this collection goes on sale in November it will be gone in a snap.

Why don’t we take a look…

IKEA x Virgil Abloh MARKERAD collection


Image credit: IKEA

We’d more than happily introduce this gorgeous beige daybed into our home, as the perfect alternative to a bulky sofa bed in a small living room. However, if you do choose to snap one up just make sure you have plenty of cushions, including the all important Virgil Abloh labelled pillow, to avoid any unsightly marks on your pristine walls.

Receipt Rug

IKEA x Virgil Abloh 2

Image credit: IKEA

This is where the collection starts to get more bonkers. If you are a diehard IKEA fan this is the rug for you. The prices of the products will be released closer to the launch date, but after close inspection of the receipt rug we going to guess that the rug could be around 599 SEK (about £52).

The intention of the collection was to offer accessible and affordable statement homeware for modern interiors. This rug definitely makes a statement.

‘For a truly show stopping effect, bend the rules a little by hanging the “Receipt” rug from your wall to created a piece of art that exudes both texture and pattern,’ says Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader from IKEA UK and Ireland.

However, we do think it was an oversight for Virgil to miss cinnamon buns and meatballs off the receipt, because who leaves IKEA without them?



IKEA x Virgil Abloh 3

Image credit: IKEA

Needing a wedge under chair leg is not something we would usually associate with great design. In fact, it reminds us of the opposite – old rickety school chairs or stuffing coasters under uneven cafe tables. However, you can’t ignore the fact that this plain wooden chair is gorgeous in a simple Scandinavian way.

‘It’s about elevating the anonymous, everyday icons that we use without noticing. When we but a doorstop on one of the legs of an ordinary chair we create something unexpected – an interruption,’ explains Virgil Abloh. ‘I want each item to bring a sense of pride, and I want the great design to be the biggest reason why you get it.’

‘Temporary’ clock


IKEA x Virgil Abloh 5

IKEA x Virgil Abloh 5

If you plan to stay up for any of the IKEA X Virgil Abloh collection, let it be this understated white on white clock. It’s both practical but will definitely make a statement in any room in your house.

Just think how great it will look against mustard-coloured walls, or any colour walls for that matter.

‘Wet Grass’ rug

IKEA x Virgil Abloh 4

IKEA x Virgil Abloh 5

Here’s where things start getting a little bonkers again. If you ever wanted a green high pile rug that looked like grass in the middle of your living room or bedroom then this is your chance.

Mona Lisa Backlit artwork

IKEA x Virgil Abloh 6

IKEA x Virgil Abloh 5

Who needs to visit the Louvre, when now thanks to Virgil Abloh you can now pick up a backlit version of the Mona Lisa from IKEA? We’re just going to leave this one here for you to make your mind up about.

The whole collection will be available online and in-stores from November.

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Will you be trying to picking up anything from Virgil Abloh’s MARKERAD collection?

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