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Although you don’t often think of it, the valance is an important part of the look you create for your bedroom.  It’s style can give a bed a distinct look. From the traditional bed ruffle or frilled look to the neater single pleat and the uniform box pleated look.  Either way a bed without a valance always looks like there’s something…………….  missing! Tweet This

We understand the significance of the valance as part of the ideal couture bedroom.  But as such a large piece of linen, it can be a handful when changing the bed!

The standard way a valance is made is by using one large cut of material goes under the mattress with the frill that drops around the divan base. Unfortunately this is not suitable for everyone. Imagine removing a 7ft Emperor mattress every time you want to change the valance.  Or watching on helpless as your adjustable bed slowly chews it up whenever it moves up or down.  In fact removing the mattress of any type of bed can result in red faces and high blood pressure, who needs it!?

At Victoria Linen making bespoke bed linen and finding answers to these problems is what we do.  And so we have created and manufacture the Easy Fit Valance to complement virtually any type of bed you have. It uses Velcro around the base of the bed to look perfect.  They will stay in place and look great, enhancing the look of your bedroom.  Why should you get one these valances?  What makes them so special? Well, come closer, we’d love to tell you!

  1. Truly Easy to Fit – It couldn’t be easier. Place the sticky backed Velcro around the base and then simply connect the Velcro that is stitched into the valance all the way around the base of the bed.  It will fasten simply and easily into place attaching all the way round – beautiful!
  2. No Heavy Lifting Required! – Easy Fit Valances connect around the base of the bed, so no more moving the mattress off the bed in order to change or straighten it – what a relief!
  3. Less for the Laundry! – Since the Easy Fit Valance uses considerably less fabric than traditional valances, it’s easier to wash, not to mention the fact that it is easily removed from the bed and thrown in the wash!
  4. Easy to Iron – Since there is less fabric, there is less to iron. Now, we know you don’t love ironing anyway, but at least with the Easy Fit Valance, the work of ironing is decreased and your bedding looks great more quickly!
  5. Fits Any Bed – Yes, Easy Fit Valances fit virtually any bed – including round beds and adjustable beds – with ease! Which means if you don’t have time to wait for a bespoke valance (which we do create exceptionally well also!) you can choose an Easy Fit Valance instead!
  6. Better for the Environment – It’s true, Velcro Attached Valances use less material meaning less waste, they also cost less to manufacture and less machine work was needed in to cut and make them.

We’ve tried to think of every size of bed when it comes to the Easy Fit Valance. Our online store carries a wide variety of bed sizes from small double to large Emperor as well as sizes for Waterbeds and Adjustable Beds.  We have also offer a multitude of colours, drops, styles as well as several thread count options. And if you can’t find exactly what you need, we’ll be happy to create the perfect complement Easy Fit Valance for your bed in your choice in whatever fabric, colour, length, width, and drop you want (within reason of course!). And don’t forget, samples are always available to help you make the perfect selection. Call, visit, or stop in today at Victoria Linen Company and discover all the great things about Easy Fit Valances! Tel 01706 220020

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