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Just because most of my posts are about the decorative aspects of interiors and design, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all the little (and big!) not-really-decorative essentials that make life easier on a daily basis. And what was it that William Morris said?

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” 

Something I always try to keep in mind and actually quote often when I’m  trying to get friends, family and even clients to declutter!  So, it won’t surprise you to know that I’m rather fond of items that are useful AND beautiful.

So okay, I’m going to lecture you on waste bins. No beating around the bush here. We all have them. We all need them. Some of us hide them in the cupboard, but I think that’s actually a waste of cupboard space and not really very practical either when you’re two hands full of potato peelings. So, if we have to have one, and it’s more practical to have it somewhere handy, make sure it looks as good as it can look! Really, do you have to be told? I’ve seen too many plastic monstrosities lurking in the most stylish kitchens.

And we all know already, that Brabantia waste bins are the best, most stylish bins of all. The Rolls Royce of waste bins in fact.

Who Makes the Best Waste Bins of All - Probably?

If it hasn’t already sunk into your subconsciousness, I’m here to tell you that this Dutch company which was founded almost a hundred years ago, is super proud of the quality of it’s products that are really designed to last. And when was anything ever designed in the Netherlands that wasn’t stylish and full of integrity? It’s also still a family company with a commendable mission to enrich lives with beautiful design that is a pleasure to use. Go back and read the first paragraph. What did I say?

Who Makes the Best Waste Bins of All - Probably?

Of course, we’re all different with varying needs so there are a few designs to choose from. The Touch Bin, Pedal Bin, and Push Bin to name but a few, but I’m all over the Flat Back Pedal Bin (shown here). No touching (and because of the clever hinge design, the lid closes slowly and silently, not with that loud horrible clang), and it fits discreetly against the wall or island. And like all of the designs it’s seriously easy to open, to change the bin liners, and to clean. Am I the only one who gets enormous satisfaction out of emptying the bin and putting in fresh new liners? I really do.

Who Makes the Best Waste Bins of All - Probably?

This post was written in collaboration with Brabantia, but I only work with companies that I like and that I would use. Thank you for supporting the content that keeps this blog up and running.


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