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A few posts ago I showed you the new wood laminate flooring we put in our bedroom. It looks amazing, but it almost didn’t happen.

Ed didn’t want a wood floor in our bedroom because he didn’t want an “area rug” that would go over the wood floor under and around the bed. He wanted a soft warm surface for his bare feet to land when he stepped out of bed in the morning and wanted to keep the wall-to-wall carpet. I couldn’t quite understand this reasoning since I knew he liked the look of wood floors.

I tried to explain to him that an area rug would be soft and warm, too. I just couldn’t wrap my head around his reasoning until I heard him add…“not the area rugs you like”. Which made me laugh… he was right. 🙂

He was thinking the only kind of area rug I would want for under the bed would be a natural seagrass rug that has a hard textured surface. I have one in the living room and in our previous house, in the dining room and my studioffice. He is not a fan of these rugs.

I would have liked a seagrass area rug in the bedroom since I like the easy breezy casual feel it adds to a room. But there are many other rugs that I like and I began a quest to find a large area rug that would make us both happy.

Blue and white striped area rug

In my rug search I found hundreds of beautiful area rugs, but most were either too formal, too contemporary or too expensive. I also had to consider the size of the rug. It couldn’t be too small or it would look wimpy under the king size bed. Too large, would look overwhelming. Like Goldilocks, I had to get the size of the rug, just right.


Bedroom Area Rug Size Guide

The illustration below helped me to choose what size area rug would work best for the size of my room and bed. These rug sizes are just suggestions as every room and the way the furniture is arranged in a room is unique.

Diagram of different sized beds and area rug sizes for each.

I measured around my bed and the available space around it and found an 8′ x 10′ or as large as a 9′ x 14′ would work.

Blue and white decorated master bedroom.

I found the “make us both happy rug” online at Cottages and Bungalows. It is an 8′ x 11′ Dash & Albert Rugby Stripe Denim Rug 

Dash and Albert Rugby Stripe area rug rolled up

It was delivered a few days after I ordered it.  It is an indoor/outdoor rug that is easy to clean and fits my casual, colorful decorating style.

1/4" foam padding under area rug in bedroom

For extra cushioning and to keep it from moving, we saved a large section of the previous wall-to-wall carpet padding and cut it to size to fit under the new area rug.

It works perfectly and saved us some $$$ from having to buy a new pad.

Dash and Albert Blue and White Area Rug

Now that the flooring is done, I have two more room updates to share with you. One is done, I just have to write the post and the other I am still in the process of completing… so stay tuned for both.

Blue and white decorated bedroom with blue and white striped area rug under the bed.


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