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Well, here we are. At the end of another work week. How did that happen so fast? I swear it just turned January and now we’re eight days deep into February! 

In my last post, I mentioned that I’ve been getting up early to write. I don’t *always* do it, but I’ll tell you what: getting to see the sun rise *almost* every day is such an inspiring gift. I’ve come to crave it. Around 6 o’clock, I come to. I lay there in bed for a few moments, still half asleep, thinking about how warm and comfy I am. Then, poof! Something else pops into my head and eventually leads to fifteen other thoughts that ultimately wake me all the way up. It’s then that I can’t resist crawling out from underneath the covers. I grab the fuzzy cardigan I hung on my door knob the night before tiptoe out of the room and down the creaky stairs.

Without stopping to flip on a switch, I make my way through our dark kitchen and out the front door. I look both ways as I move toward the railing that overlooks the sidewalk and street- because surely someone else will be out there too, right? Sometimes, but not usually.

The sky was filled with clouds and cold air this morning, so there was no sunrise to be seen, but I still spent a few moments out on the porch before retreating to the couch in the living room pictured above. That’s where I typed out this post. Maybe next time I’ll be able to it from my porch swing. Or maybe I just need to hang a fuzzy blanket on my door knob too. 😉

Have a great weekend and we’ll talk again soon-


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