You Asked For It: EHD-Approved Artificial Trees, Garland and All the Trimmings

admin on December 6, 2018
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You Asked, We Answered…

***Written by Jess Bunge

In the spirit of Christmas, we are trying to grant as many holiday styling wishes as POSSIBLE. With that said, a ton of you asked for a roundup of our favorite faux trees (some real), wreaths and decor pieces. SO this EHD styling elf scoured the internet to do just that. Now, not that I didn’t believe decorating for the holidays improved life happiness because well duh, but last year I didn’t decorate and I never got fully into the holiday spirit. At the time, I blamed it on moving back to the west coast where the sun has a death wish against all things cozy. But this year, I was determined to decorate and man it’s made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I feel so much happier and overcome with all the holiday joy. I want everyone to feel that same joy when they walk through their front door. Now without further holiday decorating ado, here are our online favorites.

First up, the most important piece to the holiday puzzle…the tree (and some very pretty ornaments).

1. Virginia Pine Artificial Tree | 2. Winter Park Slim Pre-Lit Tree | 3. Brass Tab Ornaments (Set of 12) | 4. Artificial Mixed Pine Pre-Lit Tree | 5. Winter Animals Ornaments (Set of 4) | 6. Faux Alpine Tree | 7. Star Ornament | 8. Artificial Douglas Fir Pre-Lit Tree | 9. Etched Mercury Ornament | 10. Faux Silvertip Fir | 11. Ornaments (Set of 4) | 12. Blush Pre-Lit Artificial Tree | 13. Artificial Pine Tree | 14. Raw Wood & Wool Ornaments (Set of 3) | 15. Fresh Cut Natural Noble Fir | 16. Glittery Silver Tree Ornament (Set of 2) | 17. Faux Christmas Tree | 18. Red Glass Ornaments (Set of 5) | 19. Pre-lit Artificial Balsam Fir Tree | 20. 2018 Picture Frame Ornament | 21. Tin Icicles | 22. Natural Wood Nutcracker with Wreath | 23. LED Snowbell Pine Faux Tree | 24. Swing Ornament

I’ve always been on Team “Real Tree” but there are some very convincing faux options on the market. AND the amazing thing about a faux tree is that a ton of them come pre-lit. SIGN ME UP. It takes out all of the light spacing, cord tangling stress and leaves only the fun ornament hanging. Speaking of ornaments, I’m pretty sure I need that brass tag ornament set (#3) immediately. It’s simple but SO pretty. I also personally purchased #18 and I love them. They are big, elegant and beautiful.

A tree really isn’t complete without a skirt or a tree topper right? I don’t have a skirt yet and my sad tree lot stand is NOT cutting it. It’s like wearing an awesome fancy dress with flipflops. It’s just never oksy. So to avoid this potential tragedy, here are our favorite stands, skirts and toppers.

1. Star Tree Topper | 2. Christmas Tree Foot | 3. Reversible Tree Skirt | 4. Retro Tree Stand | 5. Faux Fur Tree Skirt | 6. Pom Pom Tree Skirt 7. Faux Fur Christmas Tree | 8. Buffalo Check Skirt | 9. Light Wrapped Star Topper | 10. White Glass Tree Topper | 11. Linen Pop Up Tree Skirt | 12. Red Cable Knit Skirt | 13. Tree Collar | 14. Glitter Star Tree Topper | 15. Moroccan Tree Skirt | 16. Step-In Tree Stand | 17. Striped Tree Skirt | 18. Brass Tree Topper | 19. Tassels Tree Skirt | 20. Wood Layered Star Topper | 21. St. Honore Tree Skirt

While I want to cover up my current tree stand as fast as humanly possible, #2 would have me throw all my tree skirt caution to the wind. How STUNNING is that stand? But since I’m keeping my skirt where I can see it, I love #3, #5 and #6.

Next up, we have the all the faux and real garlands and wreaths of your dreams.

1. Gold Wire & Berry Pine Wreath | 2. Faux Eucalyptus Wreath | 3. Snowy Pine & Pinecone Garland | 4. Berry & Pine Needle Wreath | 5. Cedar Pinecones Artificial Garland | 6. Live Olive 7 Eucalyptus Garland | 7. Holly Pinecone Garland | 8. Magnolia Wreath | 9. Eucalyptus Pinecone Garland | 10. Samara Brass Trig Wreath | 11. Faux Rosemary Garland | 12. Dew Drop Lights Pre-Lit Wreath | 13. Preserved Fern Circlet Trio | 14. Preserved Boxwood Leaf Garland | 15. Faux Cedar Wreath | 16. Preserved Boxwood Garland | 17. Artificial Pine Wreath | 18. Artificial Wreath

Aside from a tree (of course), garlands and wreaths have the next biggest visual impact when it comes to holiday decor. Emily used #1 in the Portland holiday reveal and it’s awesome in person. Huge but delicate and the perfect statement piece. I also love #5 for a garland that has a little more visual interest with the acorns and #11 for a simple but very pretty option.

Now for my favorite topic: stockings. 🙂

1. Woolen Stripes Stocking | 2. Stocking Holder | 3. Black Snow Stocking | 4. Plaid Stocking | 5. Damask Stocking | 6. Antler Stocking Holder | 7. House Stocking Holder | 8. Nature Stocking | 9. Velvet Stocking | 10. Cody Plaid Stocking | 11. Modern Tree Stocking Holder | 12. Red Plaid Stocking | 13. Black/Gold Stocking Holder | 14. Holiday Dots Stocking | 15. Brighton Stocking | 16. Plaid Stocking | 17. Faux Fur Stocking | 18. Joy Stocking Holder | 19. Envelope Stocking Holder | 20. Boho Stocking | 21. Woolen Tree Stocking

There are a ton of beautiful stockings and holders out there but I’m a BIG fan of #2, #16 and #21 for a more classic look and #5 and #17 for a more fun twist. Just make sure there’s enough room for ample amount of stocking stuffers:)

1. Be Merry Garland | 2. Aspen Tree | 3. Wood Snowman | 4. Red Wooden House  | 5. Brass Winterland Forest Treats | 6. Wood Burned Tree Object | 7. Balsam Trees | 8. Wicker Crown | 9. White Glass Snowman | 10. Decorative Figurine Reindeer | 11. Hanging Wall Christmas Sled | 12. Black Brass Tree | 13. Marble Wood Nutcracker | 14. Large Felt Green Christmas Tree | 15. Wood Scandi House LED Light Up Decor Set Of 3 | 16. Ceramic Pine Tree | 17. Wooden Plumbob Figural Set of 4 | 18. Accordion Paper Tree | 19. Winterland Forest | 20. Plaid Lumbar Throw Pillow | 21. Faux Birch Branches | 22. Decorative Figurine Wooden Tree | 23. Paz Clear and White Glass Trees Set of 4 | 24. Woodsman Incense Smoker Set

Clearly, this holiday roundup wouldn’t be complete without some fun styling pieces. Sprinkle in some little trees, snowmen figurines or a cute village to a couple of your open surfaces. It will give your overall holiday look some dimension and visual interest. HOT TIP: Just like in non-holiday styling, use different sizes, shapes and keep the color palette consistent. Some of my favorites are #2, #3, #15, #16, #18

Hope you are now completely filled with the holiday decorating spirit. It’s still the first week of December so there is plenty of time to enjoy all of your hard work:) So what are your favorites? Do any of you have these items and recommend them or don’t? Let us know in the comments.

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